What role is Dr Judith Curry trying to play ?

Before Climategate I thought Dr Curry was pretty much from the standard pro-IPCC mold. In early 2010 I noticed her building a position which I saw as somewhat separate from the main IPCC advocates – and I interpreted this rightly or wrongly as an effort to salvage something around the broad IPCC position.

Now with […]

A few comments on Chapter 1 of the latest CSIRO paper "Climate change : science and solutions for Australia"

Climate change : science and solutions for Australia (p 2, top)

"A network of standard thermometers and standard thermometer shelters was progressively introduced throughout Australia between 1890 and 1910."

This is the first time I have ever seen 1890 quoted in this context. The BoM position is stated on page 4 of their 8 […]

15 reasons to oppose the GreenLabor carbon tax; by Paul Sheehan of the SMH

Paul Sheehan writes for the too often GreenLeft compliant Sydney Morning Herald. He has this thought provoking article listing 15 reasons why the Gillard Govt carbon tax is lacking in logic.

What do readers think ? Can we add to Paul’s list ?

Paul Sheehan says – The justification for this tax is that […]

Myron Ebell of the CEI talking on Global Warming

This comes highly regarded but my connection is a little slow. Myron Ebell chairs the Cooler Heads Coalition, which comprises over two dozen non-profit groups in the USA and abroad that question global warming alarmism and oppose energy rationing policies.

Global Warming Event CEI from CEI Video on Vimeo.

I would welcome any reviews.


Does Professor Ross Garnaut play with words on the “Insight” TV show ?

The SBS TV Channel in Australia (State funded multicultural TV) runs a current affairs show called Insight.

Now on Tuesday 5th April 11 they discussed the proposed Carbon Tax – and fairly soon after the start – JENNY BROCKIE the compere brings in PROFESSOR ROSS GARNAUT, GOVERNMENT CLIMATE CHANGE ADVISOR.

In his second […]

French Professor talks IPCC temperature data – and what influences global temperature

Well worth half an hour viewing – such a crisp and to the point delivery by Professor Vincent Courtillot – no time wasting.