Bob Foster offers comprehensive alternative to IPCC science

Download 2.4 MB pdf of Bob’s 49 page well documented and illustrated pdf paper, “Will it be warmer or cooler? Just wait: Time reveals Truth”.

Download 4 MB pdf of Bob’s recent paper, The Global Refrigerator – And Now A Switch ?
plus his 1974 paper, Eocene echinoids and the Drake Passge.
The Drake Passage, as in Sir Francis Drake, is south of Cape Horn

Download 1.3 MB pdf of Bob Foster comments on happening at Melbourne University, Earth Sciences and Letters to Editor of newsletter, The Australian Geologist.

Distorted science in case for unnecessary seawater desalination projects

Compare the Govt propaganda further on to this actual rainfall for Mundaring which shows rainfall increasing slightly from the low period in the mid 1970’s and 2007 rain since start of May has been average. Click here for larger chart.
Mundaring rain historyNote, graphics updated 2 Nov.
The Western Australian Government through its various bureaucracies has opted for seawater desalination to solve Perth’s supposed water crisis. Read how obvious available natural water sources are ignored and basic science such as rainfall history has for years become the subject of lies, spin and propaganda, now that desalination is “the chosen way”.
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