Early May BoM prediction for Queensland dry shot to pieces quickly in June

On 7 May the BoM’s Brad Murphy was quoted on ABC news item headlined, ‘No hope’ of drought-breaking rains for Qld”.

Weather forecasters say hopes of drought-breaking rain in Queensland are over, because the La Nina pattern has petered out.

Forecasters say the recent La Nina caused the flooding in Queensland last summer but ended too soon to be considered a drought-breaker.

Senior climatologist Brad Murphy says it is about to get a lot drier.

“Up in the north you’ve had most of the rain you can expect for the next six months, until the next wet season,” he said.

“There is going to be the odd rainfall around over the dry period, but farmers shouldn’t be counting on getting any more rain between now and the next wet season.

“It’s very hard to say, I mean we can’t put one season down to global warming if we’re looking at over a long period of time,” he added.

“The monsoon finished a little bit earlier than we would have liked and the rainfall in the last couple of months has been quite low.”

Doctor Roger Stone from the University of Southern Queensland says the chances of drought-breaking rain over the next three months are only about 10 per cent.

Just in the first half of June, most of the southern part of Queensland outside the wet tropics, (which are of course now in dry season mode) has experienced good rains as this BoM map for June to date rain anomalies shows.


Poor old BoM, shot down again.

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