Anti-uranium campaign steps up in Australia

We know the Greens oppose any mining and particularly any uranium mining and nuclear industry. Since the formation of the GreenLabor Gillard Govt in Canberra there has been a significant stepping up of the Greens anti-uranium campaigns both in the Northern Territory and in Western Australia.

In the case of the Northern Territory – […]

Ongoing BoM utter incompetence

Every month the Australian BoM published a three month “Outlook” (prediction based on models) for rainfall and temperatures.

The Outlook press releases are often picked up by the media who quote them with reverence as though “written on tablets of stone”. I am only aware of one journalist who has had the temerity to draw […]

Canberra solar electricity schemes bludge off NSW coal fired generators

The GreenLabor ACT government in Canberra (population ~300,000) has announced plans to increase the generation of electricity by various solar methods. Of course this has the solar “industry” wetting itself at the thought of more govt subsidies. In all this flurry of feel good self congratulation – there is not one mention that the only […]