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Australian Federal Government in abject partial back-down on their Carbon Tax

I wonder what readers think about this developing shambles. Combet ditches carbon floor price in deal with Europe Whatever GreenLabor does – the main-stream-media will make it easy for them – give them nice favourable coverage – put the best spin on it – blame everything on Tony Abbott.

Scotland aims for 100% renewable energy

I thought readers would be interested in Scottish plans to go 100% renewable by 2020 – shutting down their nuclear electricity generators. Making Scotland the Green Energy Capital of Europe – I thought other countries might have made that claim in the past – I wonder what readers think.

Deciphering the truth about our electricity system

This month has seen a variety of headlines about increasing electricity prices and our electricity system. Remembering this article from a year ago -

Watchdog warns about cost of green power BEN HARVEY and DANIEL MERCER, The West Australian – August 12, 2011

Then this month -

Poorer suburbs switch off [...]

Surprising wording in NIWA affidavit re BoM’s work – filed in New Zealand court case

Originally posted Feb 2012 – taken down late March due legal reasons.

For newcomers – about a year ago I lodged a FOI request with the BoM to see documents relating to a “peer review” they had conducted for NIWA and I reported last May when the BoM decided that all the documents were secret.