Wellington Dam near Collie in SW Western Australia overflows again

Funny that this dam often overflows – 2013 overflow events – yet the nearby Perth water supply dams are near useless – I wonder why? Surely it could not be such a simple thing as managing catchment vegetation sensibly? In 2012 I wrote to the WA Minister on this issue – my letter and his […]

Sometimes you see a good news story – Australian National Water Commission might be axed

Phew – our politicians are quietly working. Australian Commonwealth National Water Commission under threat from Federal Government budget cuts – did they ever produce a litre of water?

Just a bunch of too-green-climate-change-saluting-doomsters – Wentworth Group followers – pushers for more expensive water – pushers for high environmental flows – did they ever speak out […]

Western Australian Govt owned Water Corporation was wrong when in 2007 they said – “we can no longer rely on the rain”

This eye catching prediction encapsulated in this doomster chart from their full page press advert 7 July 2007 – can be contrasted with actual rainfall since then. Plenty of rainfall to have avoided wasting $Billions on seawater desalination. Update 39 years of Perth dam catchment rain index 1975-2013 – see links there to my letter […]

Queensland cabinet Minister can not mention above average February 2014 rain over vast areas of his State

The strange media statement by Queensland Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – The Honourable John McVeigh – fits right into the rich tradition going back many years of strange statements on the subject of rain and drought made by Australian politicians and indeed water authorities who should know better. Some examples – In 2008 […]

BBC now spreading lies about Queensland drought

In the BBC article – Australia’s Queensland hit by record drought – they say “Queensland received little rain in February, which is normally the wettest month of the year, local officials say.” Mad – here is BoM map showing percentage of average rain that fell in February. Make various BoM maps yourself. Here is media […]

No excuse for this ABARES – CSIRO – BoM soil moisture map not being up to date

ABARES is the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences – they are having their annual conference on 4 – 5 March. The ABC has just posted this story – Drought takes its toll on the soil – Featuring this map which compares the upper layer soil moisture from January 2014 with readings […]

ABC publishes animated Australian rainfall/drought history which exaggerates the so called “Millenium Drought”

The ABC page – Interactive: 100 years of drought in Australia – should open in a separate window. Here is a chart of Australian rain anomalies 1900-2013 – it is obvious that the much ballyhooed Millenium Drought was a pussy of a drought Australia wide compared to the obviously dry years from 1910 right up […]

West Australian Auditor General says Water Corporation (Perth) loses billions of litres of water per year through leaky pipes – ignores “elephant in room” of huge losses by not managing catchments

Leaky pipes are small beer compared to the ~Billion GL lost since late 1990’s by not managing catchment bush. I have written often on this issue over many years – Update 39 years of Perth dam catchment rain index 1975-2013 – has links to my letter and reply from WA Water Minister – plus some […]

West Australian farmers feel excluded from Federal Government’s drought discussions – bizarre attitude in summer so soon after record harvest

Could it be because there is little drought impacting WA just now? Not to mention – Western Australian grain farmers have delivered the state’s biggest harvest in history

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott brings rain on flying visit to drought areas

Drought-hit farmers get chance to show Tony Abbott parched communities first hand – Lets review a decade of rain history – OK 2013 was a dry year – but 2012 was better than average for a majority of Qld – NSW ag regions but 2011 was even better and 2010 was tune up the outboard […]