Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) blames “climate change” for poor forecasting

Yes – you have to pinch yourself but the shameless BoM did say this.

In 2009 there was an “Inquiry into long-term meteorological forecasting in Australia” (long term = 1 to 3 months) – by the Australian Parliament House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Innovation. If you download the full pdf report […]

#4 Temperature too – not just rain – ongoing BoM utter incompetence – month after month after month

Just in case anybody thinks temperature Outlooks are reliable – take a look at these disparate results for the last three months period. Also note that the BoM seems to have the overall calibration of their models wrong – the Outlooks are overall far too warm – which has been an error for years now. […]

Solar panel fraud so obvious even Canberra Times can not keep ignoring

So often the Fairfax Press “Canberra Times” reads like a greenleft newsletter – so it is refreshing that they have published this article critical of the ACT Govts (GreenLabor) heavily subsidised rooftop solar panel feedin scheme. I commented last year.


#3 Ongoing BoM utter incompetence – month after month

Another month – another miserable failure for the BoM rain “Outlook” as real world data shows the continent awash with rain. Small wins in SW WA and far eastern Australia are hugely outweighed by comprehensive failures over vast areas elsewhere. The Parliament of Australia, House Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Innovation, is holding an […]