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Somali pirates could be causing BoM seasonal Outlooks to be inaccurate

Just saw this news at ABC online. “Pirates disrupting climate change research”

Note at the end – “….so right now half the tropical Indian Ocean is out of bounds for us so it’s a big problem, both for weather forecasting but also for that longer term climate seasonal forecasting.”


Germany turning to coal again

I saw this at Anthony Watts. “Germany to fund new coal plants with climate change fund cash”

Here is another article – reads as though translated online. “coal power plant Moorburg takes shape” near Hamburg I think.

It is getting way past crazy.

Another 3.2Bn taxpayers dollars down the gurgler

I read where Govt is establishing ARENA – the “Australian Renewable Energy Agency” – to manage $3.2 billion of renewable energy funding.

Some great quotes by the Green Senator Christine Milne – “It has been obvious for years that renewable energy programs in Australia are a mess of badly designed schemes run as photo opportunities…”.