The true anti-prosperity agenda revealed – Greens warn of ‘next Jabiluka’

From the AFR. Green groups in the Kimberley have turned the pressure on investors, warning that Woodside Petroleum’s $35 billion Browse liquefied natural gas project in Western Australia risks being “Australia’s next Jabiluka”, with the potential to destroy shareholder value. The Fin. Review
Translation for those outside Australia – Jabiluka is a potentially rich uranium mine near Ranger in the Northern Territory where a handful of indigenous owners have blocked development for years (when I say handful I could be exaggerating – I think two people hold the key). The Jabiluka orebody is a gigantic 357million lbs of high grade U3O8 worth in-ground a mind-numbing ~$20Billion.
That the minority Greens propaganda campaign against natural gas coming ashore ANYWHERE along the huge Kimberly coastline has run as long and as far as it has – is a tribute to the depth that unscientific Green dogmas have soaked into our main-stream-media.
If Australians want to vote for a prosperous nation at the next election – that would mean putting the Greens last. If you wish for a weaker and poorer Australia – vote Green.

Queensland Labor Govt stops solar installations – grid can not cope with solar systems

Queensland State Government admits electricity grid failing to cope with solar power systems. THE solar power revolution is in danger of stalling, with the State Government admitting the electricity grid is failing to cope with its green vision. ….. Energex said the state’s electricity network since the 1950s had been designed to deliver power from the station to the home and the voltage now heading “the other way” was causing a huge dilemma.
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IPCC models have failed to correctly deal with changes in air density

Canadian scientist Dean Brooks has written a provocative paper pointing out that GCM’s have not handled atmospheric density changes correctly. You can download his 1MB pdf paper “The ‘Pot Lid’ Hypothesis: Where Does the Air Go?”.

He has also written and published on “The Decline Effect – The law behind diminishing returns and wildly varying outcomes in markets, politics, culture, religion, disease, and war” – his 30 odd page Chapter 1 is downloadable, only 400Kb – Looks like a must read.

New Zealand Govt backs down on ETS

Nice to see reality hitting in GodZone across the ditch.
Spies have told me of these headlines in New Zealand – I note the Green/pinko Australian media has ignored this so far. Prime Ministers might say one thing when rubbing noses at some Pacific Forum but when the hoopla is over…..
The Otago Daily Times reports “Government hits brakes on ETS” and in the dear old NZ Herald – Brian Fallow writes – “Softer still on climate change effort”
Kiwis must keep up opposition to what is left of the stupid and harmful ETS – or some idiot Govt will bring it in one of these years.

Australian Government stands idly by while motorists ripped off at the petrol pump

This graphic demonstrates how our useless Commonwealth Green-Labor Government is so preoccupied with its own survival – and passing their idiot Carbon Tax – that for three months now they have failed to notice how the Oil co’s are ripping off Australian families. From eyeballing the chart – at least 15c should be carved off all pump prices now.
Australian ULP pump price ripoff
If our Govt had any guts they would long ago have set up an Australian Fuels Corp to import tankerloads of ULP to supply service stations at fair prices.
Imagine the screams. How brilliantly successful has Oil Co PR been over the decades at conning Australian Govts and media.
All ULP prices from FuelTrac/AAA and the West Texas Crude & US vs AU$ data from Proview.

Green MP says NSW Govt wasting dam water to benefit Kurnell desalination plant economics

NSW Upper House Green MP John Kaye is raising the issue that the NSW Govt has stopped pumping surplus Shoalhaven water to Warragamba dam to keep Warragamba under 80% full – which apparently is the trigger level for shutting down the Kurnell seawater desalination plant. He says the Govt wants to sell Kurnell and I suppose it is not rocket science that Kurnell needs to be operating to be an attractive investment.
I wonder what readers think of this – there are a lot of contradictory nuances in this story. But overall – that the NSW Govt would want the Warragamba Dam level capped or worse – would fit with what I know of Govt water policies in Perth, the ACT and Melbourne – which for a decade have all driven up prices and beaten up scarcity – against the interests of water consumers.
This article indicates the NSW Govt stopped the transfer of Shoalhaven water to Warragamba in late 2008 – near 3 years ago – not 15 months ago.
This page talks chapter and verse how the NSW Govt will increase environmental flows out of Sydney dam water supplies if inflows increase – aided and abetted by the anti-Dam Greens of course – no surprises there.

WA Premier still talking utter rubbish about rainfall

What is it about something as simple as rainfall that gets our leaders and politicians talking nonsense ?
Remember in 2007 (during May that had average rainfall) the then WA Premier Alan Carpenter said – “It has stopped raining in the south west of Western Australia……”.
And it is not just WA Premiers, NSW too has the virus.
Anyway – it has happened again.
The Perth Arena which is under construction is afflicted by mould – which is causing those involved some angst and the WA Premier Colin Barnett opines that it is due to a wet winter. How does the media not call him out over such nonsense. A quick check of BoM data shows Perth has had a winter (Jun-Jul-Aug) with 448mm rain compared to a long term average of 479mm.
So it has NOT been a wet winter.
I wonder if the Premier has been brainwashed by a decade of WA Govt Water bureaucracies propaganda about “Our drying climate”.
Does he believe now that Perth normal winters now are dry ?
Dry enough to build the arena without safeguarding against rain ?
I do not know.
But surely it is obvious to anybody with the brains to check Perth’s rain history, that the winter months are very likely to see a fair bit of rain.
What will this cost WA taxpayers ?