Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard blusters at the mining industry

I have just read “Boom is not yours, PM tells miners” – as if the industry is not aware that State Govts own the mineral rights and issue leases/licences under various terms to competent companies/organizations to explore for said minerals.

Then if payable minerals are discovered – mining leases are negotiated to develop same and […]

How the Australian Bureau of Meteorology can get vital issues wrong

I have been looking at the BoM’s new iteration of adjusted Australian temperature data – ACORN SAT. Taking a look at the pdf report 049 “Techniques involved in developing the Australian Climate Observations Reference Network – Surface Air Temperature (ACORN-SAT) dataset” p 86 of 104 Table 8 – Urban classification of ACORN-SAT locations. – we […]

Olympic Dam mine expansion end of year deadline could be doubtful

In not even two weeks the sentiment in the South Australian Government has changed from

BHP likely to meet Olympic Dam deadline: Weatherill – 18 May 12


SA warns BHP over Olympic Dam approval – 29 May 12

I note the SA Mines minister speaking tough about not bluffing – but I wonder if […]

Cheering news at last – sackings at the Department of Climate Change

Not far enough though – but a start. Department Secretary Blair Comley announced job cuts were imminent and far greater than had been originally forecast. “Only a week ago, Kate Lundy said she was pleased there would be no forced redundancies”, Senator Humphries said today.

China accuses Australia as Bonn climate talks founder

News out of the Bonn climate talks sounds familiar – “Beijing lashes Canberra as carbon talks stall” then from the Guardian – “Bonn climate talks end in discord and disappointment” and USAToday asks – “Is China poor? Key question at climate talks” Amidst all the posturing rhetoric it might be useful to see some facts […]

Australian hockey stick – whatever happened to the Great Barrier Reef coral time series ?

We have all heard now of the Gergis et al 2012 paper – “Evidence of unusual late 20th century warming from an Australasian temperature reconstruction spanning the last millennium”. Dr Joelle Gergis participated in “Winning the guerrilla war on climate change…” as Science met Parliament in 2010. Sceptic blogs including Anthony Watts, Australian Climate Madness […]

Australian Climate Commission makes dodgy claims about Western Sydney hot days

About a week ago Dr Tim Flannery, Professor Lesley Hughes and other Climate Commission luminaries went public with claims about hot days above 35C in Western Sydney including; “…hot days had already increased 60 per cent in western Sydney since 1970…” and – Federal Climate Commissioner Professor Lesley Hughes says western Sydney is getting disproportionally […]

Leave our Constitution alone – voters expect MP’s to act honorably

In the hurly burly of the Craig Thomson (MP for Dobell) affair there are calls for the Australian Constitution to be amended so members of Parliament have some sort of “code of conduct” under which they must operate. I would say if they know so little that they need a code – then we should […]

Australian clean energy future costs & benefits

Many people are concerned that huge policy changes are being made without due consideration of the realistic costs and benefits. So I asked to point out to me with the assessment of costs and benefits were set out – they sent me the following 4 URL’s.

At the first I found a reference […]

New paper contends that carbon dioxide causes less than 50% of the greenhouse effect

Timothy Curtin, “Applying Econometrics to the Carbon Dioxide “Control Knob”,” The Scientific World Journal, vol. 2012, Article ID 761473, 12 pages, 2012. doi:10.1100/2012/761473. Download a copy and lets have your views.