That Kyoto Is A Fraud

Contributed by Owen McShane


I acknowledge that the city of Kyoto exists. Any claims to the contrary are fraudulent.

However, the protocol developed out of the IPCC conference in Kyoto is a fraud, because it is based on fraudulent assumptions, fraudulent models and fraudulent manipulations of data.

The Royal Society and the “dead hand of consensus”

Contributed by Bob Foster

There is no one “contrarian view” on climate change – nor should there be. What is needed, surely, is a ferment of ideas – each judged on its intrinsic merit, and not just on the status of its proposer – to serve collectively as a contra to the dead hand […]

“BOINCing” to Oblivion

In February 2005 Coolwire 11 commented on the ridiculous Oxford University based mass clinate modelling experiment where people all over the world (no doubt mainly in taxpayer-funded places) engaged thousands of PCs to run modelling software. Results were reported back to HQ and all sorts of wild speculative claims about future warming have been made […]