Giles ACORN daily minimum adjustments for 1997

This is addition to my post a few days ago – Even Giles minimums adjusted in BoM ACORN “Roll Royce adjusted to warm more” temperature dataset – I thought it might help to home in on 1997 which was the last year of ACORN adjustments – for some reason Giles BoM staffers achieved perfection on [...]

Even Giles minimums adjusted in BoM ACORN “Rolls Royce adjusted to warm more” temperature dataset

Nothing is sacred – no temperature data is immune from the warmist tampering by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology in their ACORN SAT highly warming fabricated dataset. The max has not been adjusted in ACORN Giles must be one of the most remote weather stations on Planet Earth.


Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) blatantly inserts warming into their ACORN version of long term rural station Rutherglen 82039 from northern Victoria

The BoM say of Rutherglen:

This site is an automatic weather station located on the grounds of a research farm, about 7 km southeast of Rutherglen and well outside the town area, on flat ground over grass (farm paddocks) but with low hills a few hundred metres to the north. A gravel road (carrying farm [...]

New category now for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) ACORN SAT “Rolls Royce” adjusted temperature series

Just click on the ACORN category and the seven articles come up starting June 2012.

Bureau of Meteorology adjustments to construct ACORN SAT Adelaide temperature data Jan 1910 to Feb 1979

The Adelaide temperature history has been discussed at Jo Nova’s – Forgotten: Historic hot temperatures recorded with detail and care in Adelaide -

First – Adelaide weather data was collected at West Terrace for around a century then in Feb 1977 a new site commenced 3.2km away at Kent Town. The new BoM adjusted ACORN [...]

North Queensland less threatened this morning – Cyclone Ita downgrades to a category 2

Last night at 10pm the ABC was featuring 230kph winds in headlines. Cyclone categories. This morning the max gusts I can see for Cape Flattery are about 160. Lucky. Can anybody find anemometer readings over 160kph ?

Sydney temperature history – BoM raw data compared to ACORN adjusted data

Here is Sydney raw max & min annual temperature history – This shows raw compared to ACORN also annual – you easily see where the effective adjustments are concentrated. From 1 Jan 1983 on to present day there are no adjustments made to the daily max data. There are however some days when the raw [...]

RSS satellites find Australian lower troposphere anomalously cool during March 2014 – BoM surface data finds a warm anomaly

RSS finds the same general shape as the BoM mean anomaly – when you make a mean anomaly map for March at the BoM you see Perth and Hobart were warmest. The Time Series chart shows the BoM anomaly was about +0.75 degrees. Fascinating that there should be such a difference with RSS – considering [...]

BoM says re Hobart on 1st April 2014, “..31 degrees Celsius was the hottest April day since records started in 1881.”, but history shows sites nearby experienced several relatively hotter events

The ABC reports – Records melt as Hobart swelters through hottest April day in 132 years – Checking hottest April day statistics at this BoM page – just amend the station number in the URL. Checking daily data a month at a time in District 94 on Australian Weather News AWN – April 2005 at [...]

RSS satellites read a cool anomaly in Australian lower troposphere February 2014

RSS looks cooler than the BoM mean temperature anomaly which is -0.16°. BoM map of mean anomaly Feb 2014.