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Weather Bureau for Australia

Queensland Govt Australian rain history 1889-2017

The data driven Qld approach highlighting climate cycles contrasts starkly with WA Govt mantras never contradicted by the Perth BoM. WA Govt “watercrats” see SW WA rain in terms of “our drying climate”, “declining rainfall”, “rain has stopped falling” etc. and I am not aware the Perth BoM has ever spoken against this doomster view. Download the Queensland extended wet/dry period poster (1889-2017) (PDF) a foundation on which to learn more about Australian rainfall history.

ABC Four Corners maybe worst show ever

My phone had been running hot saying I had to watch this Four Corners expose of “climate change” – what a pageant of old wives tales mixed with assorted lies and exaggerations.
Starting with the “Braidwood drought” was a dud move due to rain and floods a week or so ago in the region – so that should have been cut. Surely the show has staff that are half awake?? I mean Canberra flooded!!
To use a vineyard near Adelaide as evidence of GW? – not even a pic of the weather instruments – Adelaide is barely a half degree warmer than 100 years ago despite the ever expanding urban heat island and electric instruments vs mercury in glass. Interesting too how the variation in the years has narrowed last ~decade.

How did the show choose to beat up heatwaves in Perth in the face of two cool summers as reported by – themselves!
Great shots of Perth Govt staffers having a day off work learning about heatwaves.
Perth watercrats turned to seawater desal in the face of plentiful water which would have offended the Greens to harvest. I list 6 sources where the WA Govt could easily have bolstered water supplies and avoided the energy intensive water factories the State is now stuck with for life. Once you get seawater desal you get the compulsory climate lies for life too.

BoM blind to Perth UHI reporting two cool summers for SW WA

The BoM is in contortions reporting the embarrassing news that Perth has had a second cool summer but the halt in warming can not be real says the ABC – so is it warming as usual? Not one word that the cool summers are in the face of the ever growing Perth urban heat island. The fact the summers have been wet gets a quick mention too but nobody mention the record floods. Perth has been subjected to over a decade of relentless Govt propaganda about “our drying climate” – “permanant drought” – “rain has stopped falling” – “run of dry winters”.

BoM misleads Senate Estimates about rainfall

From Hansard 20268 26Feb18
On page 11 – Senator URQUHART: What are the most authoritative climate change impacts for Australia’s regions?
Dr Johnson: We know that probably the most well-established trend is the drying trend in south-western Australia. We know that since 1970 that there has been a very significant drying trend in south-western Australia.
We know, and we are observing, that there is a drying trend in the south-east of Australia as well. For other parts of Australia, the signal is not as strong.

IMHO the BoM is stunningly misleading to say “For other parts of Australia, the signal is not as strong.”
A truthful statement would be along lines – “..for about half of Australia the 1970-2017 rainfall trend is increasing – getting wetter..”. To leave no doubt whatsoever you could say that from 1900-2017 the vast majority of Australia is getting wetter.
In view that the BoM choose exactly to inform Estimates about SW WA it was also less than fully honest to fail to mention that region has just seen two cool summers in a row.
Here is a 3rd instance where BoM could have informed Estimates better.
On top page 15 BoM says “Yes, it’s amazing the way that rainfall works in Australia. We’ve seen on a number of occasions, and Canberra being yesterday, that we can quickly go from below average over time to above average in about three hours.”

Instead of using silly unscientific words such as “amazing” perhaps a more rational organization might have pointed out to Estimates that Canberra and region experienced widespread floods exactly 6 years ago at the start of March 2012 when 179.6mm rain fell over 5 days.

Wild claims made relating GCM’s to Perth rain and water issues

This ABC article trying to justify seawater desalination sums up how so much damage has been done to Australian water policy over two decades. From the very first sentence “Perth’s desalination plant has been a lifesaver..”. What utter rubbish –
1 – Perth dam catchments bush could have been managed to release more dam inflows –
2 – The Gnangara Pines should have been immediately cut to increase aquifer recharge.
3 – The SW Yarragadee deep aquifer could have easily made up any Perth shortfall and any drawdown would hardly be noticed as SW WA aquifers waste water to the sea constantly.
4 – There are also large quantities ~1,000GL of weakly saline river water wasting to the sea every year in SW WA and a small fraction could be more cheaply desalinated than seawater.
5 – The Agritech Wellington Dam project should have been the starting point for 4.
Perth was never running out of water – water has been running out of Perth.
Back to the ABC article – so these top climate scientists are saying that GCM’s are proving that increasing carbon dioxide driven climate change is causing the decline in SW WA rain. OK say we grant them that. Then how do we/they explain the increase in rain at various periods in the history of various Australian States and regions? Did CO2 do that too? The 14 BoM charts show that Australian rain has increased over a century and that most States and regions enjoy a wetter climate now than they did before 1950. How can anybody cherry pick the SW WA declining rain and say – Ah, that must be caused by IPCC Climate Change? I never hear any climate scientist say “the increase in rain from 1970 in many Australian regions must be caused by IPCC CO2 driven climate change”. I think a more rational view of Australian rainfall history would recognise – most of Australia is most often more dry than we humans would like. The 14 charts show with clarity that rainfall varies on decadal and sub decadal scales, often appearing to be cyclic, in different ways at different times in various regions for reasons we know little about – but we can opine and theorise.