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Weather Bureau for Australia

Two years ago I reported UAH satellites were reading too warm at times over Australia

From Dec 2013 – Warming departure in UAH lower troposphere satellite temperatures compared to RSS over the period 2005-2006 – I emailed UAH at the time and their responses are in the link. Now Their beta V6.0 warms much more that V5.6 over Australia – go figure. Data from KNMI using the Australia mask. Both UAH versions warm more that the BoM ACORN data while RSS does not see that extent of warming.
The trends by Excel for the 37 years 1979-2015 are –
RSS = 0.26
BoM ACORN = 0.49
UAH V5.6 = 0.58
UAH v6.0 beta = 0.88
Now of course the warmistas at The Conversation are dining out on this. Ignoring RSS.

Another failed Bureau of Meteorology daytime temperature Outlook

Poor old BoM seldom takes a trick – make your own temperature maps – make your own Outlook maps.
The BoM predicted cool over SE SA, west Vic through Tas and all that turned out warm. The main BoM predicted cool spot was the Pilbara coast and that too turned out warm. They predicted heat on the entire Eastern seaboard but that was mainly average to not very warm. Vast areas of WA and NT predicted warm but turned out cool – long range forecasting is a bitch. Only win I can see is the far north tropics.
BoM should abandon these Outlooks and save some money for taxpayers.

and real world below

Classic BoM assisted misleading media article on SW West Australian rainfall

The Albany Advertiser says – Albany breaks 137-year rainfall record – reading on we find that 2015 was the driest year in 137 years of records. The article says this is “…according to the bureau’s annual climate statement…” that is for WA. The Albany Advertiser does not tell you that Albany is the sole and lonely place listed as having “Record lowest annual total rainfall”.

So in all the huge area of WA only one BoM rainfall station out of about 2,200 odd in WA recorded the “Record lowest annual total rainfall”. And this of course was worthy of a media article because beating up bad news about rain has been an industry in Perth & SW WA for near a decade and a half. It is true of course that SW WA has seen declining rain over several decades – and WA Govt water authorities have lead the charge claiming that “climate change has taken our rain”. Yet this conveniently forgets the point that other areas – for example Northern Australia have experienced increased rain. So it is just as logical to say rain varies all the time at varying timescales in various regions and places and the reasons are likely as yet not fully understood by mankind

Perth water utility pleads for more water yet our Governments can not reliably collect rain data

Perth media says – Utility pleads for more water – yet as this table of monthly rain data for Collie 9628 shows, there are several years since 2002 with missing months data. The record was perfect from 1901 to 2001 through world wars and depressions.

Then our modern Govts fail in recording such vital data for the nation. Amazing failure – see Mundaring Weir 9031 too – who cares – it is only free water from the sky that could run into dams already paid for – why bother to measure that – so passe. We clever people are in “Our Drying Climate” now.
Collie rain has relevance to the Wellington Dam Water Recovery Project by AgritechSmartwater – saved by the Wayback Machine. Agritech are revitalising their campaign – but the WA Govt has blocked their proposals for a decade now.

BoM “crying Wolf” again warning that Brisbane heat may come as ‘shock’

Tuesday the BoM put out this warning – BoM says hot Brisbane weather may come as ‘shock’ Five days later I just wonder who is shocked as Brisbane temperatures look boring normal as AWN shows.

Taxpayers should be shocked at paying for this feverish twaddle. Eventually Brisbane will get a hotter than normal day – nothing is more certain.
Here we are on Sunday afternoon near 1700EST and the BoM has not figured out what the maximum was on the 5th and the minimum on the 12th – I mean what can happen to change things now? 30 minute data is here. Searching Google for the ABC headline shows a small sample of how this BoM rubbish infests the media.

Is the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) distorting the truth as to when they called the El Nino ?

I notice in this latest BoM bumph about 2015 being “…Australia’s fifth hottest year on record” this gem saying that they called the current El Nino in May 2015. Here is the BoM El Nino page from April 2014 – looks like they were talking it up pretty big then.

On 20 May 2014 they were spruiking – Tropical Pacific Ocean edges further toward El Niño – By late July El Nino was on hold.