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Bending over backwards to clear trees for the new BoM weather station in Adelaide parklands

First let me say I am not in any way against the clearing of whatever trees have to be cleared for the new BoM weather station. Australia has no shortage of trees or places to replace a few.
I am simply pointing out the utter hypocrisy in classifying these trees so nitpickingly adversely – see extract from Adelaide Park Lands Authority Agenda – page 60/143.

Not significant – atypical in form – low vitality – poor structure – regrowth – and low life expectancy – pass me that chainsaw quick.
The photo shows ordinary enough mallee struggling to establish itself a bit of a habitat. If a mineral exploration company wanted to say clear 18 trees like this for a drilling program – hundreds of km from anywhere at Outer Black Stump – they would expect to have to lodge a Review of Environmental Factors or REF report – probably running to many dozen pages and usually requiring a consultant costing up to or over $10,000. They would also have lodged upwards of $10,000 as an environmental bond to have an exploration licence granted in the first place – to ensure that the site was rehabilitated.
All this before your drill bit touches soil. In the case of a REF there would have to be assessments of fauna too which the BoM seems to be escaping in this case, yet there must be birds and insects inhabiting these trees.

Bureau of Meteorology delusions about the urban heat island revealed in news of relocation (again) of Adelaide weather instruments

Adelaide Now is carrying this news item (HT Chris Gillham) – Weather station near Adelaide High School to more accurately measure climate change will involve cutting 18 Parkland trees
The article says – [The bureau wants to relocate to the Parklands site to be able to make comparisons with historical readings gathered at a previous station which operated near the site between the early days of the South Australian colony and 1979, when the city station was moved to Kent Town.
The data from the new weather station would be able to be accurately compared to historical figures to determine the impact of climate change.]

So the BoM thinks that relocation on this or that postage stamp area of parkland enclosed by the huge and ever increasing urban heat island of the ever expanding and infilling Adelaide suburbs – will somehow mean that “…data from the new weather station would be able to be accurately compared to historical figures to determine the impact of climate change.”
Utter delusion.
And of course this is the same BoM who thinks Canberra Airport is “non-urban”

Australian Bureau of Meteorology misleads in defense of their highly adjusted ACORN SAT temperature series

Anybody following the BoM responses to the series of articles in The Australian questioning the ACORN adjustments has heard this old canard from the BoM. “Oh but our adjustments make no overall difference – the raw trends are the same as ACORN trends”. This can only be true by including the cooling corrections the BoM chooses to make moderating the raging UHI’s contamination in Australian city data.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology rain Outlooks – failure looming in March and flip-flop confusion for April

In late February the BoM forecast March and April rain as follows.

Now rain to date for March (1st to 26th) shows Australia was wet in the west and dry to average in the east- sort of exact opposite of the above March rain Outlook.

Now note the February Outlook for April in top panel forecasting a dry April.
Contrast that with the new April rain Outlook just issued forecasting a widespread wet.

Who could believe a word the BoM utters when they keep changing predictions.

The ABC hosts the BoM prattling on about a warmer than average Autumn for Canberra but ignores inconvenient fact that the BoM summer Outlook failed for the ACT region

Canberra set for warmer than average autumn due to rise in ocean temperatures: Bureau of Meteorology. The BoM said “…this year’s autumn weather conditions would be relative to 2014, which saw record-breaking temperatures.” What are they talking about ? Autumn 2014 was near average for the ACT.
Summer Outlooks for Australia only had minor areas cooler than average or in the uncoloured average zones.

Real world summer days saw anomalies in the -1° to +1°C zone or cooler for the majority of Australia.

Where are the category 5 wind gust observations for Cyclone Marcia?

The BoM rates Marcia as a Cat 5 now – yet the strongest wind gusts I can find are 208kmh at Middle Percy Island at 4.30am. which indicates Cat 3.
ABC News24 is quoting wind gusts 300kmh – the Qld Premier is on news quoting 280kmh wind gusts.
As I write coming up 11.30am St Lawrence had gusts of 44kmh at 4am and Williamson 96kmh recorded at 8.30am Qld time of course. Williamson looks near fair & square in the path. Can anybody point me to online Cat 5 wind observations ?