Australian Bureau of Meteorology 3 month Outlooks July to September far too hot again

Once again the BoM puts out these useless temperature Outlooks where NOT ONE square centimetre of Australia is predicted to be cooler than average. Citizens should write their Commonwealth MP’s and Ministers asking why taxpayers money is still wasted on these ridiculous hot looking Outlooks. Australian weather just does not do what the BoM expects [...]

Australian Bureau of Meteorology ACORN warming adjustments to Giles Met Station data do not stand up to scrutiny

The BoM has just this month added a downloadable table of ACORN adjustments to their www site. Giles was established as a purpose built meteorological station in 1956 – I read where its origins relate to Defence – Woomera rocket range. The site has never moved yet the BoM found a statistical reason to add [...]

Sydney rain in August contrary to Bureau of Meteorology 3 month Outlooks – which predicted Sydney to be drier than normal

Two consecutive BoM rain Outlooks are shown – both are shown to be hopelessly wrong for the Sydney region by the heavy August rain there. Sackings at the BoM and ceasing these unreliable Outlooks would save some taxpayers money.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology winter temperature Outlooks turned out stunningly wrong again

How does the BoM get it so wrong so often? Not one square centimetre of Australia was predicted to be cooler than normal – yet millions of square kms turned out cooler than normal. There really needs to be mass sackings. BoM temperature Outlook winter 2014 BoM maps of actual temperature anomalies It is obviously [...]

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology needs to be questioned about their temperature adjustments – under conditions such as at a Royal Commission or at Senate Estimates

The latest article by Ken Stewart – Rutherglen: Spot the Outlier – builds on the momentum started by Dr Jennifer Marohasy who was a key to articles in The Australian on 23-24 August which questioned the BoM ACORN SAT high warming adjusted temperature series. And of course Jo Nova has been active on this issue [...]

It is time to get Australian Bureau of Meteorology station histories out of archives – we need to see how good BoM metadata is

The best reference I know to BoM station diaries is the 45 page summary by Simon Torok for his 1996 PhD thesis – “The development of a high quality historical temperature data base for Australia” This can be downloaded in full in several parts at –

However the Appendix A1 containing the 45 page [...]

Amazing breakthrough by Dr Jennifer Marohasy getting articles critical of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology in our national media

A rare example of the MSM publishing anything critical of the BoM “The Australian newspaper says – Bureau ‘altering climate figures’ – on page 9 of their The Nation section. My A4 scanner did not capture the full headline. Then Andrew Bolt asks a pertinent question – How much of this warming is real? How [...]

Renmark Aero has coldest ever 7 day run of August minimum temperatures – that is in eastern South Australia

Checking Renmark Aero minimums for 7 days 2 August to 8 August 2014 and they average -3.97°C. Renmark has two stations with daily max & min T available – 24016 Renmark with data from 1957 to 2001 which had no seven day spell in August even breaking zero. Then Renmark Aero 24048 with data from [...]

Canberra Airport has coldest ever 14 day run of August minimum temperatures

Checking Canberra Airport minimums for 14 days 2 August to 15 August 2014 and they average -4.55°C. I think this is a record cold run of 14 cold minimums in August – since 1939 that is. The next coldest 14 day spell I found was -4.25°C from 4th to 17th August 1994. Has anybody noticed [...]

3rd August 2014 saw record cold mornings in Hay, Hillston and Lake Victoria – in New South Wales that is

While roughing it in a motel in the wilds of central NSW I heard the ABC weather lady say that Adelaide was enjoying a record cold August morning – a record since 1888 I think. Yesterday was a pretty hard frost here so I have quickly checked a few records and it looks to me [...]