How the BoM ACORN SAT project has reconstructed Cobar temperature data commencing with an obviously invalid adjustment – Episode 1 Cobar ACORN-SAT

A reader has asked me to look at how ACORN-SAT has adjusted Cobar temperature data. Cobar is an old site with Post Office data from 1881 – then in 1963 the BoM opened the Cobar Met Office on the north side of town. Map from Google Earth with MO marked by “green X”. Detail of […]

1910 Bureau of Meteorology report shows Canberra region temperatures pre-1909 were similar to the ten years 2004-2013

The BoM was asked to calculate the climate of the Canberra district in the process of deciding on a location for the Australian Federal Capital Territory – Chris Gillham alerted me to this report and he has his own comments on the data in a 1Mb pdf report. Looking at the temperature data in the […]

Al Gore effect strikes Brisbane G20 weather forecast – Bureau of Meteorology called for 40°C but Brisbane only got to a warm 32

Saturday morning after 9am the ABC news 24 TV presenters crossed to a BoM staffer from Melbourne and they all talked about a possible record breaking day for Brisbane which had a forecast of 40. Oddly none of them including the BoM guy could quote what the record was (takes 20 secs online to find […]

Reprising hot Januaries over Australia and while we are at it – how hot was January 1896

Remember the post two years ago by JoNova – Extreme heat in 1896: Panic stricken people fled the outback on special trains as hundreds die. Since then of course the BoM has shouted to the rooftops that January 2013 was the “hottest evah”. This issue has been given some impetus after the speech in parliament […]

The Conversation blog in discussing “was the 1896 heatwave wiped from the record?” – wipes BoM 1996 peer reviewed finding from the records

“The Conversation” has this recent blog article – FactCheck: was the 1896 heatwave wiped from the record? – which is critical of the speech in parliament by Commonwealth MP for the Federal seat of Dawson, Mr George Christensen. In his speech – which you can see on YouTube – Mr Christensen made the point that […]

Daily “extremes” errors from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology

The BoM enjoys beating up “extremes of climate” – this page of New South Wales highest maximum temperatures for 2nd November 2014 has a string of glaring errors – Scone SCS might have been transposed from the previous day because SCONE AIRPORT AWS (061363) registered only 26.3. Lostock Dam, Pindari Dam in the far north […]

Australian Bureau of Meteorology claims that NSW has had its hottest October ever – does the data really back up their claim ?

As reader Ian George has pointed out the BoM in their monthly report for New South Wales say – New South Wales in October 2014: Warmest October on record Following Ian’s lead I have averaged all the District mean monthly max’s and added them to this map of BoM rain districts – I have shaded […]

Three month temperature Outlook forecasts by Australian Bureau of Meteorology still hopelessly wrong

I know its gets boring exposing this BoM rubbish but it has to be done in the hope the BoM might cease publishing this expensive computer driven twaddle every month. Note that the Maximum Temperature Outlook only has a very small area near Shark Bay and the north Pilbara coast that was predicted to be […]

Australian Commonwealth MP George Christensen makes speech critical of Bureau of Meteorology adjusting temperature records

The speech is packed into 5 minutes and is on YouTube. The media has the story too – Nationals MP George Christensen calls for weather bureau inquiry – An inquiry here – an inquiry there – who knows one day the BoM might be nailed down to give some real answers. Nationals MP George Christensen


Australian Bureau of Meteorology 3 month Outlooks July to September far too hot again

Once again the BoM puts out these useless temperature Outlooks where NOT ONE square centimetre of Australia is predicted to be cooler than average. Citizens should write their Commonwealth MP’s and Ministers asking why taxpayers money is still wasted on these ridiculous hot looking Outlooks. Australian weather just does not do what the BoM expects […]