“National Night-time Hotspot” (NNTHS) errors still in BoM temperature anomaly maps 2002-2007

In February I wrote about persistent errors in BoM min temperature anomaly maps over a station in the south west of the Northern Territory – errors I first noticed in 2011. “Australian Bureau of Meteorology still have persistent errors in their temperature anomaly maps” The errors are still there for the entire 72 months 2002-2007 [...]

How long does it take the Australian BoM to fix a simple 10°C error in their AWAP temperature anomaly maps?

On the 5th I posted – Southwest Queensland heat wave 2 July 2014 – pointing out the 10 degree error for the Bedourie max on 2 July. After a couple more days the 30 was fixed to a 20 here. But I see this morning 14th July after another week passes – that the 10 [...]

Global warming strikes Queensland – Brisbane has coldest morning in 103 years

Brisbane records coldest morning in 103 years – despite the ever growing urban heat island – records falling in several other towns. I am sure sure there will be more to say about this – too busy now.

Southwest Queensland heat wave 2nd July 2014

I noticed this aberration in BoM max anomaly maps – on checking I see that Bedourie on 2 July recorded 19° at 3pm. Yet they have 30° recorded here. So we are expected to believe that the temperature rocketed 11 degrees quicktime It just amazes me that such an obvious outlier can get through BoM [...]

Great to see Andrew Bolt exposing that more and more researchers are speaking out how temperature data is being altered to cool the past

Andrew asks – How much global warming is just fiddled data? – good question!!

Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has a long history of ignoring faults in HadCRU global temperature series – temperature data that birthed “global warming”

In 1986 the Jones et al team published papers for both hemispheres compiling temperature data from weather stations into long term trends. Northern Hemisphere Surface Air Temperature Variations: 1851-1984 P.D. Jones, S.C.B. Raper, P.M. Kelly, and T.M.L. Wigley, R.S. Bradley and H.F. Diaz; Journal of Applied Meteorology: Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 161-179. and Southern [...]

Remembering the Jones et al 1986 temperature station comparisons were often over huge distances – ridiculous distances sometimes over 1,000km

I have just been pulled up by George Bailley for comparing Ceduna temperatures to Fowlers Bay (western South Australia) which he said were 118km apart. This comment from GB was at my earlier post – The BoM ACORN SAT dataset disaster rolls on – fatal minimum>maximum errors can not be repaired until “second half of [...]

Climate Council (Australia) says Autumn 2014 is abnormal

Remember the Climate Council was birthed by ex staffers from the Climate Commission which was disbanded by the Australian LNP Government elected Sept 2013. Climate Council Seasonal Update: Abnormal Autumn – Looks to me as if their cherry picked warm period 8 to 26 May is borrowed from the BoM – Special Climate Statement 49 [...]

A fail for Australian Bureau of Meteorology temperature Outlooks for Autumn 2014

Interesting with all the BoM publicity about Autumn and May breaking warm records – the BoM Outlooks for Autumn turned out so dud. Trying out animations – first maxtemp Outlook plus resulting real world anomaly. Then mintemp Outlook plus resulting real world anomaly – I see the National Night-time Hotspot is making a cameo near [...]

Example of Australian Bureau of Meteorology trumpeting cherry picked temperature records when monthly data shows no records

We have all heard media blah about the warm May in Sydney such as this today in the SMH – Sydney’s balmy autumn breaks temperature records – The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has just issued – Special Climate Statement 49 – an exceptionally prolonged autumn warm spell over much of Australia – On page 5 [...]