ACT (Canberra) Government water report makes bizarre and misleading reference to Perth rainfall

I came across this July 2007 report by ACTEW the Canberra based Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government electricity and water utility. The reports title is “Water Purification Scheme for the ACT”.

My attention was drawn by ridiculous statements on climate change in the first four paragraphs of the Executive Summary. The report holds out […]

When will Australians vote for adequate water supplies ?

See this very good YouTube clip explaining how the Victorian Labor government refuses to take simple, proven, low cost measures, such as building a dam on the Mitchell River in Gippsland, to sensibly augment Melbourne water supplies.

Canberra solar PV gross feed scheme is a foolish and expensive experiment with our electricity system

As reported here and there are many other reports online, The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Labor Govt. with the applause of the ACT Greens, nows pays about 50c/kWh for electricity generated from solar photovoltaic (PV) panels or wind power. This is a GROSS feed in tariff, not NET and is the most generous in Australia. […]

Australian Govt carbon reduction scheme “dead in the water” – setback for IPCC

Image by davesag via Flickr

News reports are building that the Australian Government will never achieve meaningful reduction of carbon emissions.

Professor Ross Garnaut, author of the recent influential report pointing the way for the Australian Governments Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), is now saying it is […]

Australian carbon emissions absorbed by our landmass ?

I remember in the early 1990’s reading in a paper by R M Gifford, that Australian carbon emissions were absorbed by our land area. Added 23 Apr, found my copy and this online reference.

I wonder why Australian Governments would not have taken the view that this natural advantage for Australia could have been […]

The road to Damascus

Fascinating review of Prof Ian Plimer’s new book, “Heaven and Earth” by Paul Sheehan of the Sydney Morning Herald.

The subject of this column is not small. It is a book entitled Heaven And Earth, which will be published tomorrow. It has been written by one of Australia’s foremost Earth scientists, Professor Ian Plimer. He […]

Marc Morano launches

Long may the indefatigable Marc Morano compile and distribute climate debate news and information. Your informative emails always brighten our day.

Why are BoM 3 month forecast models so pathetically WRONG

Just taking a quick look at the latest January to March rainfall and temperature three month Outlooks from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM). I have linked to the originals for rainfall and temperature. Note these forecast maps were issued on 17 Dec 08.

I have made the actual rain and temperature anomaly maps at […]

Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) now run by non-meteorologist