David Henderson questions today’s received opinion on climate change

This is a very readable and concise summing up of reasons to be skeptical of the IPCC. I have converted David Henderson‘s speech to an html page here

[Note by WSH, this post re-written 24 May. The webpage speech of David Henderson is unchanged]


David Henderson recently commented on a major presentation by Professor […]

Greenhouse skeptics alive and kicking in New Zealand

Terry Dunleavy of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition makes great sense explaining the potential costs of Kyoto to the NZ economy in the NZ flagship daily press, The New Zealand Herald.

Read what free lance investigative journalist Ian Wishart says, “THE KYOTO CONSPIRACY How Enron hyped global warming for profit”.

The New Zealand Centre […]

Al Gore blames Global Warming for Cyclone Nargis that has devastated coastal areas of Myanmar

Al Gore Calls Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone a ‘Consequence’ of Global Warming. Gore claimed global warming is forcing ocean temperatures to rise, which is causing storms, including cyclones and hurricanes, to intensify.

Lets take a look at the FACTUAL EVIDENCE.

First the lower troposphere in the tropics has been COOLING over 16 months.

When we […]

NASA satellites; the global lower troposphere still cools through April 2008

It is tough news for the warmers but the 16 month long cooling trend continues. See here for IPCC supporters vainly trying to sound wise while they explain events.

BoM forecast dry in Queensland contradicts their 23 April modelled rainfall Outlook

(Thats the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) in Australia.)

Yesterday the media ran variants of this story below quoting BoM forecasters – ‘No hope’ of drought-breaking rains for Qld And “Rain hopes go, level 6 water restrictions to stay” And in the Canberra Times, that faithful mirror of BoM press releases, “Hopes of drought-breaking rain fall”. […]

“So Australia would become a military dictatorship,…”

This is the opinion of Bruce Haigh, writing an article about the future effects of climate change, Weather the Weather, at newmatilda.com Bruce Haigh is a retired Diplomat who now farms near Mudgee; he irrigates grapes and olives. Bruce writes and comments on domestic and international affairs; he regularly presents at conferences, seminars and training […]

It is official from the Hadley Centre, ocean cooling might stall global warming for a decade

Bloomberg news service quoting the German Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences saying that, “Parts of North America and Europe may cool naturally over the next decade, as shifting ocean currents temporarily blunt the global-warming effect caused by mankind”. At the UK Met Office HQ for Global Warming Gurus, the Hadley Centre, Research scientist Richard Wood, […]

Open letter to: Minister for Climate Change and Water

The Federal Minister in Australia that is.

Dear Minister Wong,

I note your press release re the Governments newly released $12.9Billion water plan.

The water plan will, sadly, fail to deliver value to Australia because it repeats the same mistakes that have dogged water policy for over a decade now.

Many […]