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BoM latest Rolls Royce adjusted temperature series

Listing worst BoM errors in Goulburn Airport or Taralga daily minimums

Data from CDO disk bought from BoM in 2007 plus from CDO online then compared to Minimum temperature daily contour maps. Ask me if you can not find daily t in CDO or the maps.

Error A 5 Jan 1991 Goulburn Airport min = 9.7 – Taralga min = 19.2 – diff = -9.5 There is no sign of the 9-12 contour colour near Goulburn so the BoM map is indicating Goulburn is in error. Proved by Goulburn Tafe @ 20.5.
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Australian March days were hotter in 1938, 1951, 1980, 1986, 1998 and 2005

The ABC acts as the BoM faithfull media lapdog – March temperatures sets record as hottest ever, Bureau of Meteorology says – We can see the duplicity in the way the article fails to be explicit about mentioning daytime temperature but in fact where they say “…reaching 1.7 degrees Celsius above the long-term average.” That is the MEAN they are talking about (max + min/2) and we all know the mean is little talked about. This beaten-up “Hottest March” did NOT have the hottest days, 1986 had way hotter days. Here are the anomaly charts first.
March max history 2016 no record despite ACORN tweaks
March mean history 2016 sneaky ACORN created record that BoM trumpets
March min history 2016 big record helped by ACORN tweaks – BoM silent on meteorological reasons for the min record
SE Australia 1940 March max hottest by a country mile despite ACORN tweaks
SE Australia 2016 March min record helped by ACORN tweaks
SE Australia 2016 March mean record helped by ACORN tweaks but a mystery how the narrow min record goes with the cooler max result to just give the mean a record by a nose
Now the anomaly maps – March max only a pussy of a hot month – 1986 March max – now there are hot days –
March min – oops there is the NNTHS
March mean
No hot March nights at Giles – our only purpose built professionally staffed met station in central Australia – shame about that.

Was March 1940 hotter than March 2016?

The BoM thinks our Indian summer is important enough to rush out Special Climate Statement 55 – prolonged March heatwave affects many parts of Australia – I noticed Canberra mentioned in the table on page 15 and ran a few checks –
The BoM Time Series page (based on Acorn) shows that for NSW and SE Australia March 1940 had the hottest max but in their page 15 table the BoM are quoting successive days over 30 or 35 or whatever.
My chart shows the progression of the days for 1940 vs 2016 and we will see what can be said next month.

And of course we know that few stations have daily data digitised before 1957.

Puzzling why no coalition MP’s or Senators use Senate Estimates hearings to question the BoM about their ACORN temperature data adjustments

Recently Dr Jennifer Marohasy reported on a meeting of MP’s in Parliament House Canberra where the IPCC / Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) position was questioned. Sceptics and Alarmists, Together, Present to Coalition Environment Committee
This got me to wondering why adjustments to temperature data in the BoM ACORN data are never examined during Senate Estimates hearings. All it would take is an MP or Senator or two prepared to put a bit of actual work into understanding a little series of questions and the spreadsheet data behind them. Senate Estimates hearings are public and segments are often featured on TV news.

Why does the BoM adjusted ACORN temperature series incorporate urban heated Australian capital city data?

Now the the BoM adjusted warmer temperature series ACORN is in news again – thanks to Dr Jennifer Marohasy and Graham Lloyd Environment Writer at The Australian newspaper – it seems a fair question to ask. Surely if you were starting from scratch with BoM raw weather records to build an honest temperature history of Australia – the first step would be to exclude all data known to be urban heat island UHI affected. No? There are hundreds of historic weather records available from sites with less UHI contamination – but the BoM include all Australian big cities. I’m puzzled.

The Australian newspaper publishes another article on BoM scandalous temperature adjustments to Rutherglen data

In the week after the hand picked Govt “review panel” gave the Good Housekeeping “Tick of Approval” to the BoM ACORN temperature data – hoping to sweep the issue away. Great timing by Jennifer Marohasy – links to a fully copy of the article at her site. The article is paywalled at The Australian but if anybody can give me the exact title – it might be found with Google whose links sometimes get through paywalls.
Jo Nova is on to the pathetic BOM Technical Advisory Forum report too – If it can’t be replicated, it isn’t science: BOM admits temperature adjustments are secret
Just Google this – Questions remain on BoM records
gets thru the paywall by magic – thanks to Geoff Brown
This links to a Jennifer Marohasy page with many links to the sensational series of 2014 articles in The Australian critical of the BoM. A first ever for the Australian media.
There is a second article by Graham Lloyd – the title is – Bureau of Meteorology told to improve data handling, analysis – but Google did not get me thru the paywall. Anthony Watts has an article – Progress on the problems with Australia’s ACORN-SAT surface air temperature records – with full text of both pieces from The Australian.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology misleads in defense of their highly adjusted ACORN SAT temperature series

Anybody following the BoM responses to the series of articles in The Australian questioning the ACORN adjustments has heard this old canard from the BoM. “Oh but our adjustments make no overall difference – the raw trends are the same as ACORN trends”. This can only be true by including the cooling corrections the BoM chooses to make moderating the raging UHI’s contamination in Australian city data.