Cover Great Barrier Reef with shade cloth ? ?

Yes this proposal to cover some of the GBR with shade cloth has actually made national news (article below) in Australia and is commented on at Federal CABINET level.
We are saying that if the GBR is suffering from GW, then surely this must be revealed in the long term temperature data from Willis Island, 400 kms plus east of Cairns. Clearly Willis island has experienced no warming trend in 67 years.
Willis Is T trend
still being talked about 20 August 2012 –
Shade cloth could be used to protect coral reefs, scientists say
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Lord Lawson comments on scaremongering “Stern Report”


Nigel Lawson

A Lecture to the Centre for Policy Studies

1 November 2006

THIS IS A HIGHLY COMPLEX SUBJECT, involving as it does science,
economics and politics in almost equal measure. The Centre for Policy
Studies has kindly agreed to publish a greatly extended version of this
lecture as a pamphlet, in which I will be able to do greater justice to
that complexity and to quote the sources of a number of the statements I
propose to make this evening. It will also enable me to deal at slightly
greater length with the scaremongering Stern Report, published earlier
this week. But the essence of it is what I have to say tonight.

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