GreenLeft media pumping out climate rubbish

With its new Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard – Australia is due for an election soon and the pro-labor media is cranking up the effort.
A few recent articles on climate to set the tone.
“Study shows outback soaking up CO2”
Quoting the unbiased Pew Environment group – the article is a mish-mash of misleading statistics and pro IPCC views. I tried to get a comment in with a link to the CSIRO paper that showed our landmass absorbs all our emissions but that was censored out. Not fit to be seen. Read some comments and soak up the ignorance. Whats happening to our education system. I had a post on this subject in 2009.

“Carbon courage: there’s no need for a consensus”
Ben Eltham is a true believer as are most of the commenters.

Last Monday my local paper the Canberra Times published this breathless gush – “Climate change last hurdle before setting election date”. It reads as though Saint Julia just has to dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s” on her latest iteration climate masterwork and presumably – problem solved. Facts are that GreenLabor could smash our economy back to the Stone Age – and there would not be an iota of detectable effect on climate – except – urban heat islands would decrease in magnitude.

There are a few cases – will add more as I note them.

BoM incompetence again – for the 5th month in a row

The BoM rolling 3 month rainfall Outlook prediction published in late March. Has turned out to be just as irrelevant and useless as the previous four.
Compare to the actual rain deciles for April-May-June the poor hapless BoM can only approach reality in the Kimberly-Northern Territory sector. All the other major features of their prediction are wrong.
Far Eastern Australia wet — EXACTLY wrong
South Australia – West Victoria dry — EXACTLY wrong
Sth Pilbara and much of WA wet — mostly wrong
Nth Qld dry patch — EXACTLY wrong

Why are we paying these dills to waste our taxes ?
Yet our Govt listens to BoM utterances on “climate change” as though they are written on tablets of stone.

Wrist slashing ETS in New Zealand

Sent in by a couple of Concerned Kiwis
On July 1st New Zealanders became the first country in the world to pay for their carbon emissions, an all gases, all sectors ETS through a Government sponsored scheme.

The householders of this small country will pay dearly and suffer a reduced standard of living because they are being forced to pay this punitive tax. Householder bear half the costs while accounting for only 20% of the country’s emissions.

The country as a whole will suffer through reduced international competitiveness of its industries and farming when our acknowledged figure is 0.2% of global emissions in total.

Why on earth are we leading the world?
Nick Smith, Minister for Climate Change admits that our contributions will have no effect on future climate and that the scheme will not make any inroads into cutting New Zealand’s gross emissions.

We are led to believe that by paying this extra tax we NZ’ers are being good
global citizens and that without an ETS we could face penalties on our exports by our trading partners. What a deception, there is no sign of any country imposing any sort of penalty or tariff on internationally traded goods based on an ineffective or non-existent ETS.

As of today, July 1st petrol, and energy prices increase and that is just the start as these just compound throughout the entire supply chain.

Our National Government seems to want international bragging rights for leading the world, and national gratitude that they reduced the even more draconian proposal from the previous Labour Government. This article by Andrew Bolt reminds us of the backflip by the NZ Prime Minister John Key.

The major powers thumb their noses at a price on emissions and it is not really New Zealand’s place to lead the world in this issue when the science of AGW is in dispute and a long way from being “settled”.

It is an outrage that NZ households should be forced to pay, and pay dearly, where so obviously it will harm our standard of living and will not help us in our endeavour to be good global citizens.

Cargo cult GreenLabor tax idiots exposed now

Those of us downunder will know of the Rudd Labor Govts plans announced 3 May 2010 to introduce a Resource Super Profits Tax (RSPT). I commented on this in my three part series “Harming the Australian economy 101”, part two and three.
The main masterminds behind the RSPT – Ken Henry Treasury Secretary – Kevin Rudd Prime Minister (sacked on 24th June) – Wayne Swan Treasurer – all failed to realize that we do not have an isolated “Australian Economy” now – we are all part of the global economy. So the “cunning plan” (apologies to Baldrick) to milk extra tax money from the wealthy miners and give to their Labor constituents superannuation funds crashed in a heap during May and June as global markets simply moved investments out of Australia. Our resource sector market capitalisations crashed by $Billions post 3 May – and of course this has adversely affected every super fund holding resource shares – so natural market forces pretty much negated everything these GreenLabor geniuses were trying to do.
On 24 June PM Kevin Rudd was sacked by a coup d’etat initiated by unelected union officials working through a handfull of ex union Labor Senators. Our new PM is Julia Gillard who says she is getting things “back on track” – but of course Julia Gillard was Kevin Rudd’s loyal deputy for years and never raised an audible whisper of disquiet that KR policies were ever “off track” – so work all that out if you can.
Today’s news is that Julia Gillard has cut a deal with the big miners such that the new tax – which is now a “Minerals Resources Rent Tax” or MRRT – applies to coal and iron ore – affecting a few hundred companies including the BHP, Xstrata and RIO monsters – leaving in peace for the moment the thousands of battling explorers and miners looking for gold, copper, nickel etc.
Of course much of the damage done to the “thousands of battling explorers and miners” will not be undone on the ASX in the weeks and months ahead because once genies are out of bottles – it is usually impossible to fit them back in. The markets will will not assume that GreenLabor plans to tax the resource sector have completely gone away.