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Are we being conned with excessive water charges ?

I noticed Andrew Bolt drawing attention to plans by the Victorian Govt to release 10 billion litres of “environmental water”. That’s 10 Giga Litres or GL and at a time the Yarra has flooded of its own accord. Surreal waste.

Here are some ideas of mine for discussion.


Is this the most ridiculous idea ever on climate ?

Our new Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a new plan with a so-called “citizens’ assembly” which would gather together volunteers to sound out public support for a price on carbon. The GreenLeft ABC article.

And I thought we had a “parliament”. I know this is during an election campaign but things are getting a [...]

GreenLeft media pumping out climate rubbish

With its new Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard – Australia is due for an election soon and the pro-labor media is cranking up the effort. A few recent articles on climate to set the tone. “Study shows outback soaking up CO2″ Quoting the unbiased Pew Environment group – the article is a mish-mash of misleading [...]

BoM incompetence again – for the 5th month in a row

The BoM rolling 3 month rainfall Outlook prediction published in late March. Has turned out to be just as irrelevant and useless as the previous four. Compare to the actual rain deciles for April-May-June the poor hapless BoM can only approach reality in the Kimberly-Northern Territory sector. All the other major features of their prediction [...]

Wrist slashing ETS in New Zealand

Sent in by a couple of Concerned Kiwis On July 1st New Zealanders became the first country in the world to pay for their carbon emissions, an all gases, all sectors ETS through a Government sponsored scheme.

The householders of this small country will pay dearly and suffer a reduced standard of living because they [...]

Cargo cult GreenLabor tax idiots exposed now

Those of us downunder will know of the Rudd Labor Govts plans announced 3 May 2010 to introduce a Resource Super Profits Tax (RSPT). I commented on this in my three part series “Harming the Australian economy 101″, part two and three. The main masterminds behind the RSPT – Ken Henry Treasury Secretary – Kevin [...]