Huge variations now between the 3 main global T datasets

The UKMO Hadley Centre is taking a more prominent role now in IPCC global temperature compilation. Compiling “global warming”.

Just at a time when the IPCC is “releasing” its version 4 masterwork in its own restrictive and controlling way, it is fascinating to compare 2005 global T anomaly maps for three major climate groups.

Bureau of Meteorology gets Alice Springs forecast horribly wrong

On the 12 Jan the Darwin BoM said (read further below) that the then “monsoon trough” would move north leaving Alice Springs dry. I watched the BoM website radar and satellite images and there was rain on the Monday and the clouds on the satellite image seemed to hang around the general vicinity of the [...]

External thermometer on modern car easily detects UHI

Brooks Hurd has sent in this set of observations of temperature changes while driving in and out of various Californian UHI’s in his Passat. Maybe some other readers could send in other data, good project for the kids to keep them occupied for a while.


Global Warmers call for sceptical meteorologists to be “Decertified”

The Weather Channel’s Heidi Cullen has called for decertifying AMS broadcasters who denied global warming was real. There have been over a thousand comments to The Weather Channel (TWC) about this.

I would say this is just a rare misjudged public comment and that discrimination against sceptics has been going on quietly, behind the scenes, [...]

Meteorologist offers alternative view on GW

Funny how the pro-Global Warming people do not address scientific issues but straightaway turn to a form of ad hominem attack to try and neutralize what Joe D’Aleo is saying.


Global warming dissenters few at U.S. weather meeting Thu Jan 18, 2007 2:30pm ET By Ed Stoddard SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) – Joe D’Aleo [...]

Global Warming Hysteria

Contributed by Allan Taylor

We face a bleak economic future if the present unnecessary hysteria about global warming and climate change continues unabated and is acted upon by reducing carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere..

The UN (IPCC) inspired doom and gloom predictions on climate change are based on computer modeling of global climate, [...]

UK MetOffice predicts HOT 2007

The UK Met Office is predicting that 2007 will be warmer than 1998. We are accustomed to “hottest year” stories jumping out in November or December, but early January !!, this seems prescient beyond belief.

Reading deeper into this story we find the UKMO is relating the 2006 El Nino to the 1997 event and [...]

Another critique of the Stern report

A detailed critique of the Stern Review is avaliable.

Sea change required in the way forests and bush are managed in Australia

There are lessons to be learned from the December 2006 wildfires in Victoria and Tasmania. There were also lessons from the 2003 South Eastern Australian high country fires but many do not seem to have taken notice.

First lesson is crystal clear, if we do not achieve greater areas of, timely, hazard reduction burns, when [...]