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Rare sight on USGS web page as Australia stars in global earthquake stakes

This is the rare sight preserved. USGS map below has seafloor details with no shortage of large scale structures and volcanic seamounts out there off Fraser Island – any of which could be locii for earthquakes.

USGS www page global map – zoom in to SE Qld.
ABC News – Queensland earthquakes: Two quakes hit state on same day, days after a third strikes region; seismologists warn more may follow

What impact will Tesla Powerwall batteries have on the way we consume electricity and the price of lithium?

Reader Bob has sent me articles about the Tesla electric car and the Powerwall and Powerpack storage batteries to be manufactured by Tesla. Alan Moran has written on the Tesla electric car so I thought I would look at lithium batteries state of play and lithium prices, demand etc, whatever I can glean. There are articles boosting the Tesla Powerwall batteries and also articles more realistic. I would have thought that with Tesla and others battery production ramping up there would be a surge in demand for lithium. Yet looking at the price chart for the Nasdaq Lithium ETF – nothing much is happening – the price of LIT has halved since 2010. OK maybe this has nothing to do with lithium. Lets check a couple of lithium miners on the ASX – Orocobre Ltd extracting lithium from brines in Argentina and Galaxy Resources Ltd who mine lithium in Australia.
What can we draw from all this? Is there a boom in production of household scale lithium based batteries in motion? Or is there simply much Green hype? Have any readers ordered and paid for Powerwall batteries?

Wall collapse at Lithgow coal mine said to be ‘equivalent to a giant oil spill’

The ABC reports – Collapse at Clarence Colliery at Lithgow ‘equivalent to giant oil spill’, wilderness foundation says.
I wonder if in all history rivers and creeks have never eroded coal measures before? So are there natural examples of environmental damage equal to “giant oil spills” in the rivers and water courses draining the abundant coal measures surrounding greater Sydney?
Not trying to minimise any particular event but let us keep some perspective and it would be nice to see the media reporting a rational view from all angles.
Latest News from Centennial Coal

Ranger uranium mine to close – should Governments pass laws enabling Jabiluka to open?

The AFR view of the story – Rio Tinto signs Ranger uranium mine death warrant – so as things stand uranium production in the Northern Territory will run down and pretty much end about 2020. This table is from a decade ago but the grade and size of Jabiluka still puts it in the same place in the list.

The development of this orebody would be good for the nation. If you or I owned property wanted for a new road or Govt purpose it would eventually be resumed if we refused to sell. Hence my question – should Governments pass laws enabling Jabiluka to open? I have held a view for years that the Ranger site is too small for the operations they require. Just look at the aerial scenes showing how crowded it is. World Nuclear Association view. The Mirrar People view. Some history from 1998.

Similarities between the FIFA disaster and UN IPCC aims to redistribute wealth to the Third World through schemes to reduce carbon dioxide

Yesterday I posted this map showing nations who voted for FIFA President Sepp Blatter – and those who did not.

Now so soon after being elected Sepp says he is stepping down – sooner the better – surely FIFA must be put down and replaced by a new and very different org.
I was easily able to find this map showing a sort of “corruption index” for nations.

Even The Guardian says “for years the carbon market has been riddled with corruption.”
Circle closed.

President Obama using the EPA to shut down coal fired electricity generation in the USA

These two online articles show that concern is rising in the USA about two main issues around the shutdown of coal fired power – the impact of higher electricity prices on the less well off and the reliability of the grid.
I hope that policymakers in the USA can learn from Australian experience after our Coalition Govt foolishly introduced a tiny RET scheme (Renewable Energy Target) in 2001 – then in 2010 this was vastly increased by GreenLabor. Of course the USA gets 20% of electricity from nuclear energy – I do not know if that sector can take up any slack from reductions in coal use.
IMHO Australia is sleepwalking towards increased risk of grid instability but adopting the 33Gwh target for 2020 has eased that risk a little. On the other hand some states are working towards higher targets. Queensland wants 50% renewable energy by 2030 and the ACT (only ~300K people) has a 90 percent renewable energy target for 2020. All against a background of China increasing emissions out to 2035 at least. Nothing we try to do matters a cup- full of warm spit.

Colossal Greens and UN hypocrisy exposed constantly complaining about the Great Barrier Reef yet ignoring the large scale destruction of many reefs in the South China Sea

We get sick and tired in Australia with Greens media exaggerations on the fabricated subject around “dumping” dredged spoil on the Great Barrier Reef – which is of course in some UN inspired world heritage area blah blah.
Yet total Greens and UN silence on the huge and rapid island construction by China which is smothering unprecedented areas of reef and marine habitat.
The total damage to the GBR by Australia in over a century would not rate a minute fraction of the damage done in the Spratly’s in 12 months.
Utter hypocrisy by the Greens and UN.

Minister Greg Hunt claims Direct Action policy success as the first auction squanders $660 taxpayer millions – more waste to come

In Nov 2014 I wrote – Why are we wasting $Billions on “Carbon Farming” when Australia is naturally sequestering all our emissions without any human intervention ?
12 April 2015 news commentary critical of the Govt – Direct Action: Government’s $2b carbon scheme likely to fall short as first auctions approach, analysts say
Yesterday news trumpeted by Govt – Emission Reduction Fund: Government purchases 47 million tonnes of carbon abatement in first auction