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Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom

Jo Nova has a blog – US donors funding activists to shut down Australian mines, ports and rail, approved by Hillary’s right-hand-man? Nobody there yet has referred to this stunning 2011 pdf report by the organizers that sets out their detailed multi-$million plans – Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom – 17 pages must read only 3.75MB. The Rockefellers and Pew were in the campaign by 2011.
And now we have a useless Lame Duck Govt in Canberra and a Labour Govt in Queensland.
I mentioned this in August 2015
Rising coal prices are slowly defeating the Greens efforts.

Innovative variation on ABC anti-mining campaign

Rehabilitating abandoned mines could create thousands of ‘badly needed’ jobs opines the GreenLeft ABC.
In reply the Qld Mines Minister Anthony Lynham puts a logical view about disused mine sites.
He says – “…many old mines still contain valuable resources waiting to be exploited.”
“There are a lot of resources left in old tailing dams, old tailing deposits. I’d love to see resource companies come to us with innovative ideas of how they can access those deposits,” Dr Lynham said. “Rehabilitation can extinguish a resource.”
Great to hear a politician talking common sense.

Shut Hazelwood coal fired generators – what could go wrong

The weekend has seen a welter of speculation about the closure of Hazelwood neatly timed with a report by the Grattan Institute titled – Keeping the lights on. Victoria has the following coal fired generators – Hazelwood 1600MW –
Loy Yang A 2180MW – Loy Yang B 1000MW – Yallourn W 1450MW
Total 6230MW = possible max 149,520MWhrs per day
If Hazelwood shuts the total coal fired generating capacity reduces to 4630MW making for a possible max 111,120MWhrs per day if all units operated 24/7.

This chart of Vic daily generation by source (omits solar) shows the current dominance of coal – for large chart. I have marked with the pink X where a horizontal line would be drawn at 111,530MWhrs per day. So just below that would mark 111,120MWhrs per day. Without some way of replacing the reliable 1600MW capacity of Hazelwood – it seems amazing that the media run with this fairy-story.

Buy back the Port of Darwin – just do it

I have commented in four blogs on the stupid decision last year to lease the Port of Darwin to a Chinese company for 99 years. Now the Treasurer has knocked back further Chinese ownership of our electricity grid – let us do the obvious sensible thing and tell the Chinese we have changed our minds and Darwin Port is not for lease/sale. Lock the lawyers in a room till they come up with a formula. Nationalize it if we have to – just correct the monumental stupidity and lets move on. BTW does anybody know if Tony Abbott was the first PM to sight the proposal? Timing would suggest he must have known but I can not confirm that with Google.

The Australian Energy Market Commission makes it up as it goes along

Read and weep – Review of market frameworks for power system security 14 July 2016 – No mention of “Elephant in the Room” sky-rocketing AEMO Regional Reference Prices in South Australia, Vic, NSW & Qld.
Quotes in italics –
Challenges in maintaining power system security are emerging because of the physics of maintaining technical generation parameters like voltage and grid frequency. And this was not predicted?

Conventional electricity generation, like hydro, coal and gas, operate with large spinning turbines that are synchronised to the frequency of the grid. These generators support the stability of the power system by working together to maintain a consistent operating frequency. And no electrical engineer told you this before the Grid was infested with wind turbines?

Less conventional forms of electricity generators, such as wind and rooftop solar, are not synchronised to the grid and are therefore limited in their ability to dampen rapid changes in frequency or respond to sudden large changes in electricity supply or consumption. This is no surprise to electrical engineers.

Why not sack the useless AEMC – get some engineers in to chart the future of the grid – wind back the uptake of subsidised renewables – make sure any future renewables pay their own way including the full cost of the grid coping with their production.

South Australia burning diesel to prop up electricity exports to Victoria

At 10.35am AEST Nemwatch shows SA burning diesel to generate 91MW to contribute to a Region Total Demand of 1,992MW. However AEMO at the same time – says SA demand was just under 1,600MW – which I see as evidence that just over 300MW were being exported to Vic. I assume it pays SA to pay the diesel and gas costs to keep exports up because at times of abundant wind in SA the AEMO Regional Reference Price can go negative.