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Plans to reduce WA wheatbelt salinity and utilize Wellington Dam

Time we are reminded about the very good Agritech Salinity Crisis Action Plan so highly ignored by WA Govts. The WayBack Machine still has the Agritech site from several years ago. Contact details are obsolete.
I also had a page up.
Agritech also had their Wellington Dam Water Recovery Project – also on the WayBack Machine. Too good a project for the WA Govt.
I have mentioned the Agritech Wellington Dam project more than once.
Click for synoptic map – block diagram of both Agritech projects.

Media gem from 2009 – West Australian Govt backed Perth geothermal projects to generate electricity from steam

Geothermal mine to power University of WA – note the quote “…be used in the design of a desalination plant, which would utilize geothermal energy to create fresh water.” I wonder where we find this raging success 7 years later? Green Rock Energy GRK is mentioned in the above article – they were reconstituted as Black Rock Mining Limited asx code BKT and here is the full share price history. Green Rock Energy fell on tough times and changed into Black Rock Mining Limited about a year ago – April 2015 and at that time the new company moved into graphite exploration. Note the map of Hot Rock tenements still held by Black Rock Mining Limited. Some around Wellington Dam.

Port Augusta coal fired power station shuts today

An example of Govt delusion IMHO – ABC reports – Port Augusta’s coal-fired power station closes in South Australia – They should be OK until peak loads on Adelaide hot summer days – then they will be stretching their resources if wind is light in the late afternoons. Checkout Nemwatch. Amazing that a modern first world State puts its entire economy at the whim of the wind. I have a few articles on this issue. For Peter Bobroff’s site AusGrid

How secure will the South Australian electricity grid be when coal shuts down next month?

Media reports say Alinta will close their coal fired generation at Port Augusta in May 2016. SMH and ABC – Last month I blogged – Will South Australia walk the talk and close their coal fired electricity generation? Since then I have obtained 12 months of daily South Australia electricity data and on Adelaide hot summer days when wind is not stellar it looks difficult to meet demand without coal. NemWatch

Large version chart -I am looking for a period of 5 minute data to check this further. Thanks to Peter Bobroff from the site for these data.

Will South Australia walk the talk and close their coal fired electricity generation?

Last October South Australia was talking big about closing their last coal fired power stations near Port Augusta in March 2016 – Alinta to shut SA coal mine, power plants early – we will see. What do readers think? This chart of daily generation shows they would have to work their gas fired units much harder if coal closed.

NemWatch lets you see real time generation sources but does not show imports and exports. Thanks to Peter Bobroff from the site for these daily data which reveal much.

Tasmanian electricity crisis explained day by day

Thanks to Peter Bobroff from the site for these daily data which reveal much.

The last day of Basslink transmissions was 20 Dec 2015. It is fascinating that the cable failed a few days after exports were started. What was the rationale behind the decision to sharply increase Hydro production 16-17th December to export to Victoria – at a time dam levels were low? After Basslink failed it took a month to ramp up gas. Will try and get intraday day data in the week up to the break. A week ago I posted – “Base Load power is now a myth” so say renewable energy enthusiasts
Checkout NemWatch for real time electricity generation in each State and see how often wind is near useless.

US conducts poll in Australia over Chinese lease of Darwin Port

Just saw this – Adam Giles branded ‘dumb’ for Chinese port deal amid calls for US to explain secret polling – The Turnbull Govt should “man-up” and find a technicality in Commonwealth powers to void this lease and reverse this colossal stupidity. Last November I wrote – Is there a more pointlessly stupid Govt decision than leasing the Port of Darwin for 99 years?