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Another $1.7Billion was to be spent by GreenLabor over six years through The Land Sector Carbon and Biodiversity Board

This page describing The Land Sector Carbon and Biodiversity Board looks to describe an additional set of QUANGOS to that addressed in my previous post – A Quarter $Billion in climate change grants over three years 2010-2012 – Downloading The Land Sector Carbon and Biodiversity Board 2011-12 Annual Report – taking the five or six [...]

A Quarter $Billion in climate change grants over three years 2010-2012

I see the biggest single grant was $94Million in 2010 to birth the Australian Carbon Trust Limited headed by one Michael Rann – that later transformed into Low Carbon Australia which later again was integrated into the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). CSIRO seems to be the biggest single grants recipient with about $48million – [...]

Ninti One Ltd – a skilled operation gets $1 million from Fed Govt Climate Change Fund

Checking out who gets what in the world of Climate Change grants I came across this neat little operation – – Ninti One Ltd in Alice Springs. Many involved seem to be big city academics who would be funded anyway by their tertiary education institutions. But I am sure Ninti One Ltd can put the [...]

ABC says – Carbon farming a flop at Henbury Station – thats in the Northern Territory Australia

Carbon farming a flop at Henbury Station – I have had articles on Henbury for 18 months or so – I have also tried FOI to get at the truth of why it failed. The information gatekeepers are too good for me. Still waiting for the real story. Looks like the taxpayers $millions are lost.


East Timor economic zone border dispute with Australia

A tangled issue now with allegations of spying and the ABC Four Corners show – Drawing the Line. In the transcript the word “trench” is not used and Alexander Downer says “continental shelf” once. There are plenty of noisy GreenLeft groups in our media pushing the East Timor case for the border to be half [...]

NSW Govt backs clearing of “Invasive Native Species” for burning to generate electricity in the Cobar region

Fascinating article from The Land – page 1 and page 3 – I have had Cobar people telling me about this for months. Is this the sort of scheme where you might expect to read about “carbon credits”?- I do not see that here – but there is another article to come. Has anybody got [...]

Mexican drug lords so desperate they are mining iron ore

Hardly enough to worry Vale, BHP or RIO – Mexican police seize 119,000 tonnes of iron ore mined by drug lords Cecilia Jamasmie – 4 March, 2014

Greens will be apoplectic – Prime Minister Abbott says, “…too many of Australia’s forests are locked up”

Why has it taken so long for Australia to elect a PM who will state this obvious fact? Tony Abbott says too much Tasmanian forest ‘locked up’, forms new council to support timber industry – Foresters are the real carers of the bush – not the Greens. Not only is the PM a rainmaker…


No excuse for this ABARES – CSIRO – BoM soil moisture map not being up to date

ABARES is the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences – they are having their annual conference on 4 – 5 March. The ABC has just posted this story – Drought takes its toll on the soil – Featuring this map which compares the upper layer soil moisture from January 2014 with readings [...]

Australian Government Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper annoints carbon farming as main method of reducing emissions

Hoping to get a discussion going on carbon farming and what it really means. Correct me if I am wrong – under the previous Gillard Govt carbon farmers would have had the carbon tax price of ~$24? per tonne to price their sequestration efforts. Under the Abbott Govt the Carbon Tax is intended to be [...]