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Graziers forced off Mount Morris Station near Charleville – carbon farming is part of the financial issue

Last May I tried to get a grip on the circumstances at Mount Morris Station – News from the world of carbon farming – Charleville property sold up by bank despite carbon farming project.
A reader has just sent this link from the Chronicle in Toowoomba last October – Stuart family forced off Mount Morris – but not a word mentioned about carbon farming. The 20th May 2014 article in The Australian quotes the bank with their reservations about the very long term nature of the carbon farming agreements. But there must be more than that concerning the bank. Income is income – so what if it runs for a very long time – why would a bank not like that?
If anybody has any further information please let us know.

What do readers think about media reporting of the Adelaide hills bushfires over the last week

My impressions have been mainly from the ABC 24Hrs TV –
Little comment about the often large fuel loads shown in vision – grass thigh high – to what extent were the fires just natures hazard reduction burns a bit late.
Ludicrous comparisons to Ash Wednesday –
Rare and poor use of illegible map, I only ever saw one map, the reporters seem cartographically very limited –
Use of old footage without time/date stamp saying it is old –
One reporter at Montacute showed the same scene of smoke in far distance for days without any guide to viewers as to directions – where was north etc –
Too much reporting of the Premier – IMHO viewers want to hear from fire experts –
Days passed before we heard of the larger water bombers –
I recall a young lady reporter on a hilltop – was it Monday or Tuesday referring to six properties up there but the broadcast scene showed little evidence of fire and the camera never panned around – do reporters get sent out without a camera operator ?
The issue of not being able to get a count on lost homes went on for days.
At a time Wednesday late afternoon when BoM radar showed useful rain moving through the fire area – news services were v slow to mention the rain –
But the inevitable whinge about slippery tracks had to appear later.
I see Judith Sloan at Catallaxy has a post – Wrong again: journalistic standards fall even lower – on the issue of the PM being in Iraq at the time of the fires.

US Senate quietly and quickly extends taxpayer protection to giant bank Citigroup

Dear old Citigroup – key at the formation of the deceptively named US Federal Reserve in 1913 – played its role in the 1929 and 2008 crashes – biggest ever recipient of taxpayer bailout funds – and now with its hand in taxpayers pockets again. Pam Martens reports – Meet Your Newest Legislator: Citigroup and Alasdair Macleod relates this new legislative move to the truly colossal global derivatives market which he reports amounted to $691 trillion at the end of last June, about nine times the global GDP. Digest the implications of that. I wonder what the collapse in the oil price will do to derivatives?
And I wonder how deep Citigroup is into carbon derivatives?

Australian petroleum consumers shafted for years as Govts fail to ensure a fair fuels retail market

As world oil prices plummet big oil must be chortling as they are able increase their margins – politicians gone for the holidays and consumers preoccupied with Christmas. This graphic shows how Canberra ULP pump prices have been slow to follow Sydney and Perth down, in our Capital under the noses of politicians we elect to look after our interests.

I remember the considerable news comment recently critical of the Fed Govt increasing petrol excise by a fraction of a cent – yet there is near silence at the ripoffs every day at the pumps.
The so called fuel price cycles are completely the creatures of big oil – tailor made to keep the markets confused and let them hike prices at will.
Price data from NRMA and FuelWatch in WA. WW is Woolworths and Warnbro is a Perth suburb south of Rockingham.
I see where the ACCC are going to report on prices quarterly. On past performance what an utter waste of time and money that will be. The ACCC might posture but the pricing caravan will have always long gone moved on. Australian petrol consumers deserve an official source – say a Govt web site publishing a suite of downloadable daily price tables and graphics to help keep the entire market transparent. Do not hold your breath.

US Senate investigation exposes how JPMorgan gamed $Billions out of California electricity consumers

Why would we be surprised at $Billions being ripped of power consumers by Wall Street insiders – “Wall Street On Parade” reports JPMorgan Rushed to Hire Trader Who Suggested on His Resume That He Knew How to Game Electric Markets – Note that this ripping off of electricity consumers was only detected during other Senate investigations.
This is one of the reasons many sceptics oppose carbon pricing in its various forms – that it will inevitably lead to sharp practices, illegalities and rorting of the system at the expense of mug taxpayers.

Saudis oil pumping crashes oil price kneecapping the Iranian economy – how do the Teheran Mullahs pay to build those nukes now?

World oil price collapsing 28 Nov 2014 –
We have all seen the news a week ago how the West plus Russia and China agreed to delay until mid-2015 talks over Iran’s nuclear production capabilities. – Iranian nuclear negotiations deadline postponed
The West is so weak the Iranians would be laughing if it was not for vanishing oil export income constraining their violent National ambitions. The Russian Ruble is not being helped by the oil price either. Russia Warns Of Recession Next Year
Meanwhile the IAF will be reviewing and improving its future mission.
David Archibald’s new book – Twilight of Abundance – has much of interest on Iran who must import food to feed its population – how is that going with oil prices rooted? The Saudis ability to pump oil at these prices confirms them as the powerbrokers in the middle east. Currency charts from

Brilliant Agora Energiewende online graphic display of German electricity generation

Look at the pathetic contribution of wind and solar recently – Agora Energiewende

In July solar was better of course but wind was a lot worse – you can check any period.
No wonder many western economies are near moribund after wasting squillions on dud technologies thinking they would produce “low carbon” electricity in a way acceptable to the population. Amazing that people still vote Green or Left. Deluded. I read where members of Merkel’s cabinet have the common sense to see the train-wreck coming. Germany abandons their climate target, as their Chancellor sings to the crowd