“The Economist” could read what they said they day before

I was reading this 2012 article on India-China border disputes with useful map when I noticed their GraphicDetail section where they produce an interesting graphic every day. The entries for 22nd and 23rd of September caught my eye. On the 22nd GraphicDetail was bemoaning the health effect of emissions from coal fired power stations – [...]

Fishing industry disquiet at South Australia State Labor Govt increasing areas of marine parks on back of Green claims

The Australian is reporting – Suicide warning as Labor locks up fisheries – full text pasted below. This map from AdelaideNow Nov 2012 is the only statewide map I have found. More detailed and up to date maps are here. Concerned fishing people say. SBS says – Fishermen downcast as marine sanctuaries prevail in SA. [...]

Is the Australian landscape in such a bad condition that we should be paying out multi-$Billions on tree planting etc?

Seeing this article – Former Governor General calls for Cabinet shakeup on land management – spruiking Greening Australia got me thinking about if we really need another group to improve or care for the landscape. It seems to me that there is a plethora of groups such as Landcare – Caring for our Country – [...]

GreenLabor Govt prudent management of $1.824Billion in Dept of Environment grants in five months run up to Sep 2013 Federal Election

List of grants let by the Department of the Environment Under the Commonwealth Grant Guidelines the Department is required to publish details of all grants provided by the Department. Some months are inflated by water buybacks – which seem to me very different from other grants – these I have noted on the chart as [...]

Kiwis are saying “foreign submarines” are invading their Exclusive Economic Zone

The Fairfax owned NZ Herald reports – Subs ‘sneaking in’ I read where there is an election on over there soon. Here is a map of the NZ EEZ.

Northern Territory failed Henbury carbon farm now in the courts

I have several articles on Henbury over the years. Even tried FOI – gatekeepers too smart for me. Now the ABC says – RM Williams Agricultural Holdings directors to be quizzed in court over collapse of business and Henbury carbon farming project

Commonwealth Govt thinking about solving looming Sydney gas shortage with ~2,000 kms of pipeline connecting to North West Shelf

There is this story in the SMH by Peter Reith and commentary by Andrew Bolt. While I agree the NSW Govt should see that NSW gas resources are developed to head off any Sydney shortage. Sydney actually has the advantage of having coal seam gas in the suburbs but the Govt has been unwilling to [...]

So Australia now has – “…unprecedented oversupply of energy, no new energy generation needed for 10 years..”

So at a time of “…unprecedented oversupply…” our power bills are booming. How unwise we have been to elect politicians who have brought us to this – where efficient and cheap 24/7 coal fired electricity generators are coming under financial pressure from taxpayer subsidised wind and solar which only generate expensive and erratic electricity when [...]

Another sign of common sense taking hold in an important nation – Japan cooling on solar positive for nuclear power

Reuters reports – Future grows darker for solar energy growth in Japan On the second anniversary of a scheme aimed at boosting Japan’s renewable energy after the Fukushima crisis, its powerful industry ministry is taking steps critics say will choke off solar investment and pave the way for a return to nuclear.

Equating the value of an open cut copper mine with the farm production forgone – have we stopped doing maths in schools?

I see in this article from South Australia – Rex Minerals’ Hillside copper mine gets SA lease approvals – opponents of the mine floating the old red herring that we are losing food growing land. SA Greens leader Mark Parnell says State Government approval for open-cut mining on some of the state’s best cropping land [...]