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Another ABC anti-mining beat up fearmongering about a cyanide spill from the closed Texas silver mine in SE Queensland

Three ABC articles – radio7.30 Report.
Looks from the air like a normal open cut – heap leach site – all works would have been approved by Mines Dept.

It would cost many millions of dollars to replicate the engineering works at this established silver mining site – the silver price in AU$ shows signs of forming a bottom – the site could well open again when economic conditions improve for silver. So the site should be regarded as a valuable State asset.
2008 aerial view with labels

The Dept is holding a $2million bond which would be way in excess of some precautionary dam works to confine any runoff.
It is not apparent from the aerials where there is a pond in danger of spilling.
If any readers are local to Texas – they might have more information – presumably the site is managed by a caretaker as there must be much valuable gear there. As Beachgirl said at comment 8 – the ABC talks big about cyanide yet the Qld Mines Dept say cyanide levels are […less than “the level for release to surface waters cited in the International Cyanide Management Code”.]
So as usual the truth is in short supply whereas anti-mining propaganda is beaten up big time.
This presumably is the previous operator.

Anti-mining beat up is #1 story on ABC

The story ignores much of the reality about our mining history –

for example new mines are often discovered near old worked out orebodies. So it is far more efficient in many cases for society to leave the sites alone so mineral exploration can get on with business unhindered.
Sites such as that pictured with old plant still standing can in many cases make attractive tourist stops – they go to make up our history and form part of our industrial heritage. Speaking mainly of metal mining – open cut coal mining does affect larger areas but over the whole country the area affected by mining is miniscule at around 0.3% – big deal. Mined areas are mostly way in the boondocks and on any rational list of our national problems would have to rate much lower than this article is beating up.

Video memories – in mid 2009 Prime Minster Rudd announces $400million for carbon capture and storage

Thanks to Michael Smith – Hear Kev747 talking 150 days before ClimateGate and Copenhagen – I just wonder how these mega $millions of our hard earned cash were spent – fascinating. Kev’s GCSI seems to live on at least on the www – quote – The Institute was established in 2009 with initial funding from the Australian Government to accelerate the development of CCS globally.
In 2012 the SMH had this to say – Coal hard light of day for dud scheme
some good leads to follow there. I wonder if readers can dig out links to what Kev’s broadcasting of our hard earned dollars achieved. This site has touched on the CCS story over the years.

Swedish research says Russia has been gaming the carbon credits system

Why would we be surprised that Russia duds the sucker West? Vlad would expect his minions to do exactly this sort of thing to the hated West. Classic. – the Stockholm Environment Institute has published – Perverse effects of carbon markets on HFC-23 and SF6 abatement projects in Russia.

This Figure is from Nature.
Andrew Bolt has comments on the issue with his first link being to a BBC article quoting wider abuses than thoses fingered in the SEI paper.

Detailed Green plans to stop Australian coal exports

A must read 17 page pdf download only 3.6MB – Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom – Nov 2011 – sets out exactly how the Greens organise and the $6million they wanted to raise. Makes much more sense of many news reports over the years. When will our Govts cease funding EDO’s and any other NGO’s & green orgs like WWF working against our national interest? Federal Court overturns approval of Adani Carmichael coal mine in Queensland

Twin Chinese devaluations – we live in interesting times

CNY vs USD and AUD vs USD – What are the likely effects of this? Bloomberg has a lot of articles here.
Chinese exports will be cheaper –
But China still has to buy raw materials mostly priced in US$.
Is there a move already I wonder for China to pay for its imports in other currencies or barter?
Will not help China build their oil stockpile. WTI crude price (bottom right at Kitco) has been little affected at around $43.xx over the days of the Yuan moves. With Iran poised to enter the oil market more openly – IMHO that has to be bearish for oil.
Coal imports will be more expensive.
Can we assume the PBOC will fiddle more with the exchange rate to achieve their aims – IMHO that is the signal.
Will not help the US “recovery”.
Could it be the start of competitive devaluations?
I see gold had a positive night in the face of gold becoming more expensive in Yuan.

Lame-duck incompetent Australian Commonwealth Government

I wonder what readers think. On the very day the TURC was exposing corrupt CFMEU officials in Canberra – the Choppergate story broke leading to weeks of free kicks for Labor. Now the Federal Court blocks the Adani coal mine in Queensland on grounds the Federal Environment Minister did not adequately consider the effect of the project on a skink and a snake. I read somewhere where this could be rectified in a couple of months. We will see. The Prime Minister has commented on the court decision saying it is “bad for the country” – however it seems clear the Senate is unlikely to pass any laws making environmental legislation less able to be exploited by Green zealots. Wait for climate to be brought into this.

Rare sight on USGS web page as Australia stars in global earthquake stakes

This is the rare sight preserved. USGS map below has seafloor details with no shortage of large scale structures and volcanic seamounts out there off Fraser Island – any of which could be locii for earthquakes.

USGS www page global map – zoom in to SE Qld.
ABC News – Queensland earthquakes: Two quakes hit state on same day, days after a third strikes region; seismologists warn more may follow