Thoughts on Christchurch earthquake data

Curiosity got me to download NZ earthquake data from the GNS Science webpage.

My graphic shows clearly that there was a relatively quiet period in September

at the time that GNS said on the 14th Sep- “Canterbury could get at least two more aftershocks of magnitude 5.0 or higher, but the risk [...]

Spare a thought for the BoM – it has been a tough six months for Australian warmists

The week of hot weather in Sydney early in February must have raised spirits in the BoM and other followers of the IPCC bandwagon. I would guess that this induced a hyper-excited state that lead to such a shoddy “SPECIAL CLIMATE STATEMENT 27″. Let us remember that the last six months of maximum temperature (day-time) [...]

Resignation of Australian “Chief Scientist – Dr Penny Sackett

I was curious when this news broke – I have always regarded the post as strange – an almost irrelevant little playpen – surely it would be better for the Govt to tap advice from experts in the academies or universities on a case by case basis – rather than as in this case relying [...]

Australian Bureau of Meteorology can not mention Sydney urban heat island

In the BoM “SPECIAL CLIMATE STATEMENT 27″ – An exceptional summer heatwave in greater Sydney and the Hunter Valley – the BoM on page 10 shows the following graphics of Sydney night-time temperatures increasing since 1859.

The existence of an ever increasing urban heat island (UHI) in Sydney – and all other urban areas [...]

US Congress Votes To Eliminate US Funding For United Nation’s IPCC

Great news in our post-Climategate world. And from the tireless Marc Morano.

In 2001 I advocated disbanding the IPCC.

Nature paper beating up “extreme rain” for the warmists

A recent paper in Nature claiming an increase in extreme rain events 1951-1999 correlates with “AGW-climate change” has been given the usual uncritical acclaim in our GreenLeft media. I enjoy the originality in ABC headlines. Dr Roger Pielke Sr. has reviewed the paper.

I was surprised to see the Min et al paper only quote [...]

Rainfall “interlude” delays Canberra dam construction

Mr Mark Sullivan – boss of Canberra water untility ACTEW tells how Cotter River flows have caused three months delay in construction.

Puzzling that they would not have been better prepared because Mr Sullivan claims to be guided by “scarily right” (see comment 30) CSIRO climate change scenarios.

It has been plain for many [...]

Put the Greens Last

In the December 2010 Victorian State election – where polls had Labor hanging on – a couple of weeks before polling day the Liberal Leader Ted Baillieu said, “The Liberal Party will preference the Greens last in all Lower House seats…”.

Here in The Age.

I think this is a sound idea for voters [...]

Vote online for carbon tax and Prof Tim Flannery

Two polls running just now; The Age; (added Saturday8am) This poll is closed now – 89% against a carbon tax.

and The Australian rare chance to have your say counted. Still running Saturday with 3062 total votes, only 14.97% in favour of Prof Tim Flannery as CCC.

Both polls have surprising large percentages against what [...]

Could this one sided “climate change commission” be set up to fail ?

Former Australian of the Year Tim Flannery has been chosen to head a new climate change commission which has been set up to build community support for a carbon price.