BoM moves the Goal Posts

The BoM original 14 November media release "2005: Australia’s warmest year on record?" was explicit in that calendar 2005 is the subject.

See my critique using NASA GISS data in Coolwire 15 and on Jennifer Marohasy’s Blog 29 November.

This BoM drum beat lead to the 17 December article in The […]

NZ dumps carbon tax

Is this the second sensible counter Kyoto step by a “First World” government that has signed on to the mess ? After Tony Blair harmed Kyoto a few weeks ago that is. Read in NZ Herald of 21 December

Dumping of carbon tax delights business, angers Greens

The Government’s decision to ditch the […]

End of year alteration shenanigans at CRU

I have just added a line on Coolwire 16 to weird goings on at the CRU Climate Monitor website re deletions of 2005 gridded data images from March 2005 on. IMHO it looks as if they wanted to see if 2005 could be a candidate for Hottest year ever. I know others have noticed this […]

Dodgy BoM map supports “Nation bakes in its hottest year” media article

See Coolwire 16 for discussion of the above article and this BoM map published on page 7 of The Weekend Australian 17-18 Dec 2005.

Note how 90% of the orange area of highest warming is from regions of Australia largely devoid of people and I would suggest devoid of meaningful long term temperature data […]

How did Jones et al 1986 and Jones 1994 select Atlanta ?

This is the first “city” study I put online in 2000. There is nothing isolated about Jones using a city with such obvious UHI contamination as Atlanta, they used hundreds of cities.

In the face of this methodology, the AMS journal in 1986 published not ONE comment and I am not aware anybody tried […]

Little net change in Arctic sea ice extent in 110 years ?

The Oldham Skeptic has sent in more information for Coolwire 16 based on the latitude where Nansen moored his ship the Fram to pack ice north of Siberia in September 1893. Maps of the median sea ice edge for 1979 to 2000 suggest that Nansen may not have been able to drive the Fram as […]

A Scientist Wonders

The following letter appeared in the New Zealand magazine “North and South” from a Christchurch geologist Dr Gerrit van den Lingen

A scientist wonders

In your September issue Pete Hodgson wrote about “The Kyoto Question”: “The scientific argument is over and the world, with the Kyoto Protocol as a starting point, is beginning to […]

Montreal Bonanza

Interesting commentary on 6 Dec 2005 from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s journalist Rex Murphy who says, “Perhaps Kyoto is Japanese for hypocrisy.”:

REX MURPHY (Commentator): It’s been a strange week. I’ve been wondering why the global warming conference in Montreal is getting relatively little attention. Probably because of the cold weather. It’s odd for another […]

Crichton testifies on scientific verification


Michael Crichton, Committee on Environment and Public Works, 28 September 2005

Thank you Mr. Chairman, and members of the Committee. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss the important subject of politicization of research. In that regard, what I would like to emphasize to the […]

WA Govt. wastes 75 GL of rainwater in 2005

Perth uses approximately 300GL of water PA.

The Govt. is constructing a ~$400Mill seawater desalination plant to produce 45GL PA.

In 2005 May to October (the runoff season) Perth dam catchments which total 3500 squ. kms had circa 958mm of rain. This equates to about 3353GL water falling free into catchments of which approx. 115GL […]