BoM rain predictions wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong again

Seeing this headline “Perth faces dry winter” – made me check BoM 3 month Outlook rainfall predictions again. They are as hopeless as ever – for month after month from November 2009 – the BoM has failed to predict the dominant wet over most of Australia. Starting with the Outlook for summer (Dec-Feb) – the […]

#2 Shock-horror – climate skeptics spotted alive in Australian science academy

The Canberra Times today has another episode in this ongoing saga. Members of the UK Royal Society are making similar waves (thanks to Marc Morano) Rebel scientists force Royal Society to accept climate change scepticism My earlier post.


Amazing Australian State Government action to deal with “climate change denialism”

Talk about running scared. We hope many Victorian public servants will vote with their feet and enjoy their lunch hour normally on the 18th June 2010. DSE is Dept of Sustainability and Environment I think. Pre our current fairy story world the Dept might have been more sensibly named Forests and Lands.


Two degrees C Urban Heat Island in small village of Barmedman, NSW, Australia

Driving from Canberra to West Wyalong last Sunday morning I tried out a temperature logger and recorded this signature from the centre of the village of Barmedman which is in flat country between Temora and West Wyalong – conditions were not windy. Very few places with a population as low as 227 would rate a […]

#3 Harming the Australian economy 101

This graphic of relative currency changes in the four weeks from 26th April to 25 May 2010 – shows with crystal clarity how the Australian dollar has fallen further against the US Dollar than currencies from a range of comparable economies. All data from It is obvious that the reason for this greater Australian […]

#2 Harming the Australian economy 101

It is interesting that the pro Labor Australian media is at last mentioning the precipitous decline in the Australian dollar. What they are not telling us is exactly when that sharp decline commenced – the graphic tells the story. Of course global investors will pull their money out when faced with news that the Govt […]

An Engineer’s Critique of Global Warming “Science‟ – by Burt Rutan

Version 3 presentations by Burt Rutan well worth a read.

Very good article in The American Spectator on the current Heartland Conference in Chicago.

IPCC-UKMO-Jones et al errors with Russian temperature trends Lake Baikal region

A decade ago I wrote my “USSR High Magnitude Climate Warming Anomalies 1901-1996″. In January I posted “Surface minus satellites – some differences look political” finding that for the huge Asian gridbox 40 to 70 North – 60 to 130 East; HadCRUT3 warmed over UAH MSU lower troposphere 1979-2008 giving a possible surface error of […]

Meandering solar cycle 23 to 24 transition

Ten months have passed since my last post on the slow transition between solar cycles 23 & 24 and my graphics series showing the utter failure of the April 2007 NASA/NOAA prediction. Seems just yesterday but it was Dec 2006 when we first talked about a slow transition to a cooler cycle 24. Trying this […]

Shock-horror – climate skeptics spotted alive in Australian science academy

This article from todays Canberra Times – which so often reads like a GreenLeft news sheet – fumes at signs climate skeptic ideas are lurking within Australia’s peak science academy. It seems The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering has circulated a short draft statement that is not 100% IPCC compliant. Pro-IPCC sources are […]