Murray Darling Basin new water wasting plan

Last year I wrote “MDB water-buy-back scheme redundant after rains” after the Govt released their report proposing to waste 4,000GL per year in environmental flows. Now they have a new scheme to waste 2,750GL PA – only slightly less bad. The new scheme too should be shelved in the National Interest because both of these […]

Climategate 2.0 breaks – 2 years after the main event

Amazing – get your own download here – looks to be 5000 emails plus other files. Looking forward to hearing about any interesting mails you find. I have been told of this gem from the Jo Nova site. “David Jones” subject: RE: African stations used in HadCRU global data set to: “Phil Jones” Thanks Phil […]

Updated carbon emissions defining the history of the global economy

I thought this graphic was worthwhile posting quickly just to show the scale of carbon emissions from China – which is a measure of the scale of growth in the Chinese economy. Europe and the west can continue to reduce emissions – aided & abetted by any Euroland weakness – but global emissions will continue […]

Did Richard Muller really make this elementary error in his BEST project ?

I have just noticed an article by Jeff Id at “WattsUpWithThat” that says the BEST project analysing global temperature records – does this – “They detect steps in the data, chop the series at the steps and reassemble them.”

Jeff had a link to Climate Audit – and sure enough Steve has a “saw-tooth” diagram, […]

Not to be missed speech by Matt Ridley – UK author, journalist, scientist and national newspaper columnist.

Catch it at Bishop Hill.