BoM ACORN version for Giles has three days where the minimum has been adjusted to be greater than the maximum

Ed Thurstan picked up on these odd ACORN errors in early 2013 – so thanks to Ed for his spreadsheet. He has found about a thousand of these daily errors in ACORN – approx 8 or 9 per station on average, some better than others. Here are the 3 days from Giles marked with pink X – and the days either side.

Just remember these nonsense data were created by the BoM much ballyhooed ACORN process, peer reviewed by the great and the good of climate science – and the BoM has had 15 months to correct their dubious creation.

Anthony Watts’ proposal for an “official” climate skeptics organization

I missed this initially when Anthony floated the idea on an “unthreaded” post and got a 63% yes vote in an online poll.

The blog almost fills that role now as it is.

While I can see all the contra reasons why not – I hope Anthony goes ahead and does it – and that many prominent people join him. I am interested to hear what readers think.

Marc Morano opens Energy Depot web site

Good news for people concerned about energy prices and supplies. The hard working Marc Morano will make sure Energy Depot has lots of informative reading.

What do we have in Australia?

Some enjoyable emails from Climategate 2009 featuring Professor Turney thanks to Steve McIntyre at ClimateAudit

Great stuff as Dr Turney builds a team of researchers while he angles for £3.5 million funding from NERC in the UK. He reminds us of the two underfunded guys doing the basic data gathering in Siberia – fighting off mozzies – doing the hard yards – others getting the rewards.

The “ship of fools” thing from near 4 months ago seems to have died here.

Remember the Australian Antarctic Division was talking about pursuing costs of the rescue? Has anybody seen recent news on any of that? Maybe AAD is too busy fighting for their own funding against the Abbott Govt economy drive.

Giles ACORN daily minimum adjustments for 1997

This is addition to my post a few days ago – Even Giles minimums adjusted in BoM ACORN “Roll Royce adjusted to warm more” temperature dataset

I thought it might help to home in on 1997 which was the last year of ACORN adjustments – for some reason Giles BoM staffers achieved perfection on 1 Jan 1998 and except for a few days rejected by ACORN maintained accuracy to end 2013.

This chart shows Giles 013017 ACORN adjusted temperature minus daily minumums for 1997. Remember that there were no ACORN SAT adjustments to raw maximum readings.

On 301 days BoM professional observers read the minimum temperature too warm – on 6 days they got the reading exactly right and on 58 days they read the minimums too cool.

We must remember that the BoM staffs the Giles Meteorological Office – these are not amateur part time instrument readers. So these numerous and often large errors as recently as 1997 take a bit of getting in perspective.

This chart shows the ACORN minus raw numbers sorted and an interesting result emerges that the zero change bin is very small.

I am no statistician but would not these adjustments be expected to show a normal distribution? If so the 0 bin should be larger – similar to the bins either side.

Australian Labor leader Bill Shorten can not recognize the ALP’s biggest problem is being so cosy with the Greens

Yesterday Labor leader ex-union boss Bill Shorten made a landmark speech yesterday addressing Labor’s declining fortunes at elections over decades. He said Labor had to reduce union influence on pre-selections – and increase Labor party membership.

The speech is widely reported – The Daily Telegraph says – Union movement silence on Bill Shorten’s proposals to sever ALP links to unions – while the ABC reports – Bill Shorten’s push for Labor Party reform on relationship with unions prompts criticism.

I think Tim Blair and Miranda Devine have it exactly right:

Tim says

As Miranda Devine observes, Labor’s real challenge isn’t severing ties with the unions. It’s severing ties with the Greens. Labor is addicted to Green preferences at elections and is too paralyzed to make the break.

The major parties should all put the Greens last – so simple.

Sometimes you see a good news story – Australian National Water Commission might be axed

Phew – our politicians are quietly working. Australian Commonwealth National Water Commission under threat from Federal Government budget cuts – did they ever produce a litre of water?

Just a bunch of too-green-climate-change-saluting-doomsters – Wentworth Group followers – pushers for more expensive water – pushers for high environmental flows – did they ever speak out against anti-damism? – shut them down. We need public servants working to bring water to the people, agriculture and industry at the best cost. How radical is that?

Like resources – water is a State issue anyway – not Federal. The NWC is just another ill considered Howard Govt initiative that seemed like a good idea at the time. While they are at it – the Murray Darling Basin Authority should be pared back to the barest essentials or done away with – another useless water quango.

Even Giles minimums adjusted in BoM ACORN “Rolls Royce adjusted to warm more” temperature dataset

Nothing is sacred – no temperature data is immune from the warmist tampering by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology in their ACORN SAT highly warming fabricated dataset. The max has not been adjusted in ACORN

Giles must be one of the most remote weather stations on Planet Earth.

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Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) blatantly inserts warming into their ACORN version of long term rural station Rutherglen 82039 from northern Victoria

The BoM say of Rutherglen:

This site is an automatic weather station located on the grounds of a research farm, about 7 km southeast of Rutherglen and well outside the town area, on flat ground over grass (farm paddocks) but with low hills a few hundred metres to the north. A gravel road (carrying farm traffic only) is a few metres to the west of the site.


There have been no documented site moves during the site’s history. The automatic weather station began operations on 29 January 1998.

But the BoM soon make Rutherglen safe for “global warming”…

Just two presentations here ACORN max and min compared to Rutherglen Research and a few near neighbours. Corowa is listed as an airport but must have started as a post office or similar.

Rutherglen Research is plagued by gaps. There are no ACORN adjustments to the max after Dec 1949 – There is a large gap in ACORN from 31 Oct 1959 – 2 Jan 1965 – a gap well known in Australian T data.

Yet CDO monthly data has numbers for that large gap except for Apr 1963 and all 1964. Differences between Rutherglen Research raw and ACORN chart points after 1950 are probably due to me averaging daily ACORN dailies into years – plus the fact that 82039 has no shortage of gaps. For example ACORN dailies have no data for Oct-Nov-Dec 1957 and 1959 has no dailies for Nov and Dec.

Comparison of max T – ACORN adjustments have no major effect on trend –

Comparison of min T – ACORN minimums are adjusted 1913 to 31 Dec 1973


My point here is there is no sign of minimums in the Rutherglen district as cold as the BoM fabricated ACORN 82039 1913-1950’s.

So how on earth can these huge ACORN adjustments be justified?