What has killed the cotton giant – Cubbie Station ?

“Drought beats cotton giant Cubbie” So says the ABC – full article below too. But when I check Drought maps at the Bureau of Meteorology, there has been no drought over the Cubbie region for periods of 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months. So what has killed Cubbie ? Note my page on […]

How reliable are Australian Govt claims about rising sea levels ?

We have all seen the news lately about the threat to coastal properties by “climate change” induced sea level rise. Here is a graphic of monthly sea level anomalies 1990-through June 2009 – from the latest report from the Australian Baseline Sea Level Monitoring Project On page 34 of 41 in the latest report the […]

Vote on “climate change is caused by humans”

The Science Museum in the UK has on online poll running. It is easy to vote so click on this link and VOTE please. Let them know whether or not you think as they do that, “climate change is caused by humans”

Outbreak of “Coal Fired” realism

When you are the new Govt in WA (Western Australia) and the previous Labor Govt has run down the baseload coal fired generators in favour of windmills; who do you turn to with summer air con loads looming ?

Who do you call ?

Australian Defence Dept. says, “climate change science is too doubtful”.

This news should get the left wing chatterers enraged – who are currently pushing with great vigour for the Labor Govts ETS (Emission Trading Scheme) to be passed by the Senate. This news will be heartening to those opposition senators wary of signing Australia on to the wrist slashing expense of the Wong/Rudd ETS when […]