GreenLeft ALPABC confirms that blocking Australian coal exports will lead to an increase in global carbon dioxide emissions

Interesting example of the facts of the matter eventually making it into the light. Credit where credit is due but I think the basic facts of coal chemistry were too elementary to be obfuscated.
Fact check: Does Australia export cleaner coal than many other countries? The ABC must hate it but the answer is yes.
I wonder when Adani will be allowed to get on with their Carmichael mine development in Qld to improve living standards in India.
So the Greens (3.6Mb pdf) have been beavering away for years to kill Australian coal exports – and to the extent they succeed – this will increase global carbon emissions. Love those Greens.

Syria rain history – I think they have other problems

Like many I noticed Prince Charles repeating the claim that climate change is responsible for the rise of Islamic State.
Looking for rain data history at KNMI Climate Explorer I found the only monthly data that made charts for Syria was the “monthly CRU TS3.23 precipitation Syria Index”.

and below expressed as anomalies

The BBC has an interesting Syria profile – Timeline on the last hundred years history of Syria. Andrew Bolt has a post on the story – The science says Prince Charles is a fool to blame global warming for the Islamic State – and Euan Mearns also has – Drought, Climate, War, Terrorism, and Syria.
Turkey has just shot down a Russian Su-24 fighter that was presumably annoying the Turkmen who live very close to the Syria-Turkey border and are no fans of President Assad. While all this is in motion the Kurds Peshmerga forces assisted by western airstrikes are methodically joining the dots towards a new Kurdistan in NE Syria and Iraq. What a maelstrom of diverse competing forces.

Andrew Bolt was too critical of President Obama on his “The Bolt Report” TV show this morning

The exact point I want to make is that Andrew in his “The Panel” segment, was critical of the President for stating just before the Paris attacks that ISIL was being “contained”. I think that notwithstanding the bloody Paris attacks by a handfull of dedicated zealots, the downing of the Russian airliner and suicide bombings in Lebanon – ISIL in their Raqqa base is still hurting from the ever present threat of air strikes, their momentum in Iraq has been blunted, the Kurds have made progress at Kobane and now Sinjar. Security around Mosul must be a worry to ISIL and in a nutshell I think that President Obama opining that they were contained was not unreasonable. I fully realize how “the West” has been gazzumped by Russia in Syria but despite all that – President Obama is the leader of “the West” – he commands very powerful armed forces and will do so for over another year yet.
The Bolt Report is a weekly hour of rational political debate in the dominant GreenLeft ocean that is mostly the Australian media.

Is this the best way to locate a needed nuclear waste storage facility ?

The ABC reports – Six sites shortlisted for Australia’s first nuclear waste dump; Government faces battle to convince locals worried over safety.
Reading into this we find the sites are picked from a list where landowners have offered their land for sale – at a fat premium – as the site for this Commonwealth facility. And there is a further $10million to placate the surrounding community. Surely a more logical process would entail nuclear experts selecting the best site. But have we tried that for decades and the Greens aided and abetted by their media mates always succeed in scaremongering this sensible idea into oblivion. That is the history.

BoM rain Outlook for Nov 2015 fails comprehensively in six days

Issued only on 29th October – the BoM rain Outlook for November crashed and burnt by the time 20% of the month had passed on 6th Nov.

Current month to date rainfall percentages for Australia
This map below of rain percentages for 1st to 6th Nov 2015 shows that vast areas have already had more rain than the Outlook predicted –

and there is 80% of the month still to come – follow the 20% line .