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New Zealand snow storms are only weather

I have been watching the news from over the ditch about the snowy conditions advancing up the country from the south. I see the authorities are predicting snow on the ranges around Auckland. I think the last forecast of this came to nought – but we will see.

Perth economic regulator warns Green power schemes badly flawed

What have climate sceptics been saying for years ? Watchdog warns about cost of green power BEN HARVEY and DANIEL MERCER, The West Australian August 12, 2011, 2:50 am The State’s economic watchdog has warned that policies to encourage green power such as wind farms are badly flawed and may drive up household electricity bills […]

Growing unpopularity of GreenLabor Canberra Government corresponds exactly with post April weakness in the ASX

Comparing one year charts for DOW and ASX All Ords – note how the ASX has performed much worse that the DOW – particularly since April this year. Yet the fundamentals of our economy would be sounder than in the USA. IMHO the unpopular GreenLabor Govt in Canberra is the cause of most of the […]

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Enough said.

Queensland Flood Commission says to lower Wivenhoe Dam levels to 75% on basis September forecasts

This of course assumes that a reliable forecast exists – on which to base this proposed very serious action. The only forecasts I am aware of are the BoM Rainfall Outlooks which are published usually after the middle of the month and cover the next 3 calendar months.

I have just checked the BoM September […]