Indigenous Weather Knowledge

For years now the BoM have had this link to Indigenous Weather Knowledge in the far bottom right corner of their home page. I have not noticed the content change over time.
Issues around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (ATSIP) are much in the news lately with the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum, the meeting at Uluru and talk of Constitutional Recognition, Treaties and special ATSIP representative bodies. I get the impression that ATSIP political content does not change much over time either – the main theme can be boiled down to – we want more money.
Do not read beyond here if you might be offended by views not in favour of Constitutional Recognition and Treaties. Continue reading Indigenous Weather Knowledge

Media lets Qld Govt off hook over backflip on Adani royalty issue

We were all bemused when Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was reported recently to be offering Adani a multi-$Billion holiday on coal royalties.
But we all know State Govts can offer companies inducements to attract projects they want. Then within a week Premier in waiting Jackie Trad of the left torpedoes the idea exactly in the engine room of battleship Queensland. All adding to Adani being mired in lawfare and professional Green opposition.
I am not so much commenting on the pros & cons of a royalty holiday but the way the GreenLeft main-stream-media skillfully lets Labor off the hook. OK – the story is too big not to report but then there is the rapid move on to other news. Contrast this with how you know it would have been reported if from a Liberal Govt – the blatant backflip would have been ridiculed for weeks. Remember Abbott – Abbott – Abbott – for years.

NSW Deputy Premier proposes debate around nuclear power

Just when you thought most politicians are way far GreenLeft – up pops an exception – The ABC says – Nuclear power on the agenda in NSW as Deputy Premier claims ‘we’ve been led by fear and mistruths’ – Surely he is misquoted re France – which has had a large fleet of nuclear power generators for decades. Any ideas for good practical sites around Sydney? Could Lucas Heights be enlarged?

Lithgow coal mine water pipeline holdup threatens electricity grid

Coal supplies to the 1400MW Mount Piper Power Station are under threat according to this ABC report – Lithgow faces ‘mini depression’ if $100m mine water pipeline not approved, Mayor says – It seems approval is needed for a water pipeline but if anybody has more detailed info please pass on. Mount Piper generates about 17.5% of the current coal fired generation in NSW. I suppose in an emergency coal could be trucked/railed in from somewhere but would mean hundreds of truck movements per day to supply the ~14,000t of coal per day.
Just another threat to baseload electricity on our already rickety grid.

Amazing NZ Govt funding for hundreds of groups claiming the coast and seas

A Kiwi sent me these stunning details of funding available through NZ Dept of Justice to pay for High Court applications under the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011. The 5 page pdf can be downloaded but the Table of dollars on tap to claim (larger vers) is worth posting. Clearly Govt payouts could total many $millions over years. I posted below on – Now 550+ legal claims on New Zealand coast and seas by Maori organizations