Brisbane catchments rainfall history 1900-2005

Finally got around to assembling a rain history for the Brisbane River catchments. More to say at the above link. This is the graphic. I have more to say at the above link. So much still to be discovered.

Another error in HadCRUT2 gridded data.

While exploring the KNMI Climate Explorer in late July this monster jumped out of the Jones data. I emailed both CE and CRU about this and the balance of what I have been told is that the error was in the data as imported to CE. This 20 years after PDJ has been nurturing all […]

Satellites vs surface, amazing agreement over the USA.

Carrying on from the previous post re UHI in China, it is fascinating that the Jones HadCRUT2 data has an amazing close agreement with MSU lower troposphere, 1979-2005 over most of the the USA 48 States from 30 to 50 North incl a small strip of far south Canada.

– Measuring the following four bands […]

What integrity is there in global SST trends ?

I made this map of sea surface temperature (SST) trends at the GISS website module, and it shows the 27 year trends 1979-2005 for an SST dataset GISS names HadReyn_v2 which I take in to mean the Hadley Centre version 2 SST’s with Reynolds data grafted on post 1982. There may be another explanation of […]

Weird ABC article: “High summer temperatures predicted”

Last Update: Monday, August 7, 2006. 4:34pm (AEST) ABC online High summer temperatures predicted

A leading climatologist says there is no evidence Australia will suffer from heat waves like those currently in Europe. Dr Janette Lindsay, from the Australian National University, says there is no link between seasons in Australia and the Northern Hemisphere.


Outbreak of common sense

This interesting one page article from the New Zealand Law Journal. Sorry but I could not find a website for them.

NZ Temperature difference shows climate science not settled

The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition Hon Secretary: Terry Dunleavy MBE, 14A Bayview Road, Hauraki, North Shore City 0622 Phone (09) 486 3859 – Mobile 0274 836688 – Email

2 August 2006


Temperature difference shows climate science not settled

A major difference in measurement between NIWA and the international […]