Example of Australian Bureau of Meteorology trumpeting cherry picked temperature records when monthly data shows no records

We have all heard media blah about the warm May in Sydney such as this today in the SMH – Sydney’s balmy autumn breaks temperature records
The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has just issued – Special Climate Statement 49 – an exceptionally prolonged autumn warm spell over much of Australia
On page 5 of SCS 49 the BoM make an explicit connection between Australian warming and “…warming….for the globe…”.
Now I have not got a fraction of the computing power or resources, time etc that the BoM has – so I just want to illustrate my point by reference to the records quoted for Giles station 13017 in the BoM Table 2 – Records set at ACORN-SAT locations for the greatest number of consecutive days with minimum temperatures at or above the listed threshold in the period 1 May to 30 June.
Here is the BoM claim for Giles –

But to put May minimum temperatures at Giles in better perspective – here is my table showing Giles May minimums have been warmer several times in the recent past.

So the BoM claims for Giles in their Table 2 do not amount to a cupful of warm spit in terms of global warming – or Australian warming for that matter.
Hoping readers can checkout other examples.
I wonder what this BoM Special Climate Statement 49 cost – what staff hours went into it?

New research in Nature supports the CSIRO’s Dr Gifford who in 1992 said all Australian CO2 emissions could be sequestered in Australian plants and soils

A new paper in Nature Climate Change – Greater ecosystem carbon in the Mojave Desert after ten years exposure to elevated CO2 lends support to Dr Gifford’s 1992 conclusion – “The present modelled rate of net sequestration is of a similar magnitude to CO2 emissions from continental fossil fuel burning and land clearing combined.”
This May 2014 paper in Nature says – […results “provide direct evidence that CO2 fertilization substantially increases ecosystem C storage and that arid ecosystems are significant, previously unrecognized, sinks for atmospheric CO2 that must be accounted for in efforts to constrain terrestrial and global C cycles.”]
In 2013 I commented – An amazing example of collective amnesia at CSIRO
on a new Australian paper heralded in the Canberra Times with the headline – “Plant life losing battle with emissions”.

Hottest May day prediction for Sydney crashed in a heap – while warmest May on record looks restricted to centre of Sydney

The media have been hyperventilating over the Indian Summer in Sydney – but this story took the cake – Sydney to register hottest May day in 95 years with temps tipped to hit 28C as May ‘heatwave’ lingers
In fact Wednesday the 27th saw Sydney reach 24°C – a 4 degree fail for the BoM.
OK forecasting is fraught.
SYDNEY (OBSERVATORY HILL) (066062) looks headed for an all time record warm May – the previous record was 1958 – but how widespread is this record warmth.
This table shows that this month Sydney Airport is about equal with May 1958 but at Richmond RAAF this month is well down on May 1958.

Can anybody find another Sydney site which has this month warmer than May 1958? Two sites to check – BoMAWN

Interesting that “McCarthy style pressure” is often invoked – yet the Venona Intercepts showed McCarthy was substantially correct

‘McCarthyism’ is still used as a convenient term to cover the unjustified hounding of people. What is fascinating is that the Venona Intercepts showed the now much derided Senator from Wisconsin to be not too far from the truth – despite the fact that a vast amount of information was kept secret till the Venona Intercepts were released in the 1990’s. Yet much of society does not seem to have updated on the fact that the FDR/Truman Govts were riddled with pro-Soviet people of varying degrees of usefulness to the USSR cause ranging up to active Soviet agents.
The recent book American Betrayal by Diana West surveys the evidence.

New Zealand climate gurus NIWA hacked from IP address in China

Hackers must be bored and hard up for something to do – Hack attack on Niwa from China IP address – What could be of interest to hackers there? – except the cheap thrill of being inside where they should not be.
On the other hand –
In February 2011 I lodged an FOI request with the BoM to release to me all documents and data connected with their work on the seven station series for NIWA. Included in the reasons for refusal was – “..disclosure would or could reasonably be expected to cause damage to the international relations of
the Commonwealth.”
NZ weather data is powerful big-secret.
Maybe the NIWA supercomputer is a portal to Western World secrets.

GISS urban adjusted version for Melbourne Australia from year 2000 compared with 2014 adjusted version

Had to cable up some old HDD’s and made a few interesting discoveries – GISS around 2000 made an attempt to adjust for UHI contamination using a long tapered adjustment – which in retrospect was probably one of the better attempts by any of the big IPCC climate groups to deal with UHI.

Most of them do nothing. I am looking for some data files showing the tapered UHI adjustment.

From the melody of the oceans to climate change: a fight against ostracism

Interested if anybody reads this new book.

Jean-Louis Pinault recounts his journey that has led him to the discovery of the ocean gyral resonance forced by solar cycles, the cornerstone of our understanding of long-term climate variability.

It outlines the methodological approach that allowed him to reconstitute global warming observed during the second half of the 20th century, and the stagnation of the average temperature of the planet, precursor to the onset of cooling.

This discovery gives reason to the skeptics when they observe a correlation between long-term variations in solar activity and climate.

Up to now these arguments were refuted by the official theory since climate models were not able to interpret how a variation in solar activity well below the percent can impact the climate without involving the phenomenon of oceanic resonance.

Then the influence of greenhouse gas emissions played the role of troubleshooter to remedy model failures.

This book is the result of a fierce battle against ostracism that develops in the scientific world, holding firmly research in the well-kept ruts.

It occurs mainly in climate science, feeding on our ignorance of the mechanisms involved in long-term climate and oceanic phenomena while enjoying the media coverage.

News from the world of carbon farming – Charleville property sold up by bank despite carbon farming project

Trying to understand this – Heartache as carbon credits turn to debt – however I take it they did not incur the $2.6million debt through carbon farming.

If you Google the headline it might get you through paywall.

The article says – “They planned to earn up to $400,000 every three years in valuable carbon credit payments.”

Is $133,000 per year more than you could expect to earn from farming the 5,000ha?
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