Sydney enjoys coldest Australia Day for 58 years

Of course you are seeing this in MSM headlines?
Yesterday Sydney barely struggled above 20°C on Australia Day the 26th January 2015 – in the face of the ever growing urban heat island too – 30 minute data preserved – online here – In 1965 the max was 20.7 (ACORN says 20.9) then in 1957 the max was 19.4 (ACORN said 19.6) Daily max and min data – as I write the BoM is slow to update the max for Monday. But Australian Weather News already has Monday the 26th at 20.0

How much longer will the Abbott Government allow the Bureau of Meteorology to damage itself by keeping on crying wolf about ordinary very hot spells

There we go again – BoM predictions of heat records – Weather records set to tumble with temperatures in WA tipped to hit 50C
But the BoM predictions were shown to be rubbish after weather reality. ‘Extreme heatwave’ in WA’s north brings sizzling temperatures but no records
A quick look around Pilbara and nearby regions from this AWN map – shows that except for the Marble Bar near miss – how hollow the BoM predictions turned out.
This is how pitiful their record hot day turned out –

BoM calls a hottest day ever record temperature in Alice Springs 4.5°C above reality

How could professional met people make such a huge mistake? BoM withdraws advice Alice Springs recorded its hottest day ever, blames faulty thermometer
It just shows the pressure people in the organization must feel after a damp and mild start to January. To not take time checking that before blurting out their twaddle to the ABC. Even now at 4pm AEST this BoM page shows 46 – and the AWN page with feed from deep in the BoM shows 42 – why 42 – where did that come from if their spokesfolk are telling the ABC 41.5.

Temperature anomaly maps for France show recurring anomalies from year to year

A reader has sent in these maps observing some features live on from year to year. “Compared to 2014, west of Strasbourg is more or less the same in 2013, and there is another one near Manosque, northeast of Marseilles, repeatedly. The Paris heat island is in all of them, and the last 3 years Chalons en Champagne is always too cold and inland from Brest too warm.” I agree the French data looks poorly calibrated – will try and get a new 2010 map with the same normals period as the others.

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) claiming 2014 was the hottest year ever does not deserve creedence

Global media swoon over the dodgy claim by GISS that 2014 was hottest evah.
GISS have a rich tradition of adjusting temperature data to show more warming –
My animations show how GISS recently adds warming adjustments to Australian data – Melbourne as well as Alice Springs, Adelaide, Broken Hill and Willis Island.
Other articles on GISS going way back.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology fails to repair their flagship ACORN temperature dataset as the Director of Meteorology expected

In May 2014 I got a reply from Dr Rob Vertessy, Director of the BoM – to my pointing out that the ACORN-SAT data set had about a thousand examples where a daily MAX was less than the daily MIN. Dr Vertessy said that he expected that these errors would be corrected in an updated version of ACORN-SAT in the second half of 2014.

I just checked ACORN data for Alice Springs back to 1986 and the exact errors discovered by Ed Thurstan in 2013 are still there.

I have not got time to check for a thousand errors so I am assuming the ACORN update is running late. I am not surprised – as I point out in my articles examining ACORN data for Cobar – the ACORN methodology is illogical – relying on computer driven data mining comparisons hundreds of km from Cobar while ignoring data much more adjacent. Cobar ACORN I and Cobar ACORN II. The BoM should save taxpayers some money and scrap the ACORN disaster now.

Graziers forced off Mount Morris Station near Charleville – carbon farming is part of the financial issue

Last May I tried to get a grip on the circumstances at Mount Morris Station – News from the world of carbon farming – Charleville property sold up by bank despite carbon farming project.
A reader has just sent this link from the Chronicle in Toowoomba last October – Stuart family forced off Mount Morris – but not a word mentioned about carbon farming. The 20th May 2014 article in The Australian quotes the bank with their reservations about the very long term nature of the carbon farming agreements. But there must be more than that concerning the bank. Income is income – so what if it runs for a very long time – why would a bank not like that?
If anybody has any further information please let us know.