Greenpeace global warming claim lost without Yellow River map

A correspondent has pointed to this gem of a mistake by Greenpeace who have claimed since 2005 !! – that

China’s mighty Yellow River originates on the Tibetan Plateau but is under threat from global warming.

This simple map and accounts below shows there are sizeable catchments between the Yellow River headwaters and the Tibetan Plateau.

I suppose the attraction of the buzzword “Tibetan” dulled any urge the Greenpeace apparatchiks might have had to get their facts correct.

More maps – and I am sure readers can find more online.

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Warmest winter on record for Victoria ? or BoM mistake ? (that’s Australian Bureau of Meteorology)

TV news and weather presenters are gloating lately as they report Australia’s “hottest winter ever”. I was traveling by car on the 27th August and Dr David Jones of the Bureau of Meteorology National Climate Centre was being interviewed by the ABC 666 just after 9am. I suppose “interview” is not quite correct, a mutual gush session might be more accurate. Dr Jones was talking up the notion of our “hottest winter” despite there being a few more days yet to run.
Anyway, the BoM now have a new media release which is slightly less trumpeting. They say we just missed the “hottest winter” label except for New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.
To get a handle on our winter warmth you can make contour maps of maximum temperature anomalies and minimum temperature anomalies at this useful BoM webpage.
Maximum temperature anomalies
and at night time
Minimum temperature anomalies
Remember from the above BoM media release that the state of Victoria is mentioned as actually experiencing its “warmest winter on record”.
Now check the state of Victoria on both maps I say Victoria has been too near average this winter to have a “snowball chance in hell” of having its “warmest winter on record”.
So I say to the BoM – if your maps are right or near right – then your claim that Victoria has just experienced its “warmest winter on record” has to be wrong.