Where are the category 5 wind gust observations for Cyclone Marcia?

The BoM rates Marcia as a Cat 5 now – yet the strongest wind gusts I can find are 208kmh at Middle Percy Island at 4.30am. which indicates Cat 3.
ABC News24 is quoting wind gusts 300kmh – the Qld Premier is on news quoting 280kmh wind gusts.
As I write coming up 11.30am St Lawrence had gusts of 44kmh at 4am and Williamson 96kmh recorded at 8.30am Qld time of course. Williamson looks near fair & square in the path. Can anybody point me to online Cat 5 wind observations ?

The Australian Academy of Science quotes “unusually weak solar activity” as one reason for the post 2001 temperature slowdown

Download the 7MB pdf report – page 10 Box 2.2 for the amazing quote saying […unusually weak solar activity] is a cooling influence. That they have the hide to include that in the face of decades of the IPCC refusing to accept the sun was affecting changes in earths temperature.

They also say [None of these influences is likely to continue over the long term.] Talk about messy statements – so solar – aerosols – volcanoes are all short term.
I like the quotes in Box 2.1 – where they pontificate about measuring “climate variables” – They say – (with careful account for changes in instrument types,
observational practices, instrument locations and urban areas)
It could be re-written along lines – with careful account for changes in instrument types, observational practices, instrument locations and taking care to include in global temperature compilations artificially warmed data from every urban area on the planet.

How quickly the media let Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk break her clear promise ruling out minority government

The ABC reported on 12 January that Labor Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk ruled out forming a minority government.
Queensland election 2015: Palaszczuk rules out minority government option
Does anybody have a link to video of her saying that ?
Courier Mail had the quote too with her saying “I’ll make it very clear – no, no, no, no deals.”

Another international rescue effort underway in the Antarctic – this time to free Tasmanian fishing boat trapped in sea ice

According to the ABC article which is short on detail – Tasmanian fishing ship Antarctic Chieftain trapped in ice after breaking propeller
The fishing boat then went on to become enclosed in the ice. They say the US icebreaker “Polar Star” is on the way.

At a time in mid-summer when overall the Antarctic ice is still losing area but according to The Cryosphere Today graphic before March the total ice area will start increasing again.
Informative story on this saga with current photos is at gcaptain.com

Australian Bureau of Meteorology predicted a dry January but it turned out very wet

A major rain event starting in Alice Springs ~7th and running about a week destroyed the BoM dry prediction. I have not seen a reason quoted for that – did the jetstream wobble – for sure the moonsoon belt fired up to the south. I wonder how useful this rain Outlook was.
January rain Outlook

January actual rain percentages – you can make maps of other parameters