Australian Bureau of Meteorology rain Outlooks – failure looming in March and flip-flop confusion for April

In late February the BoM forecast March and April rain as follows.

Now rain to date for March (1st to 26th) shows Australia was wet in the west and dry to average in the east- sort of exact opposite of the above March rain Outlook.

Now note the February Outlook for April in top panel forecasting a dry April.
Contrast that with the new April rain Outlook just issued forecasting a widespread wet.

Who could believe a word the BoM utters when they keep changing predictions.

Reading The ANZUS Treaty

Guest post from David Archibald –
Senator David Johnston’s dismissal as Australia’s Defence Minister came soon after he said that he wouldn’t trust ASC (formerly Australian Submarine Corporation) to build a canoe. The ASC sheltered workshop wanted to be paid $3 billion to build a submarine. The Japanese build them year in and year out for $600 million a copy. Surely an attempt to be an effective Defence Minister shouldn’t be a sacking offence in an ideal world.
Download the 100KB pdf with many links – Reading The ANZUS Treaty

Merchants of Doubt movie box office triumph in USA – takes $54,242 – where can I get the DVD

Would that pay for theatre hire? I can not wait to see Marc Morano in Merchants of Doubt – in the meantime enjoy his assembly of critics comments painting him as some “super villain” with mysterious powers to wreck the just plans of the good and the great IPCC supporter base. If anybody finds a source for the DVD please let us know – thanks.

A reminder of global temperature trends through geologic time

Puts where we are now in perspective. I found myself looking for paleoclimate data from Australia – failing to find any charts going back through the Tertiary. So I thought it worthwhile reminding ourselves of the long term global trends.
Climate change during the last 65 million years – thanks to Robert A. Rohde for the chart below.

There is also a chart going back to the Cambrian – the first common ocurrence of fossil life forms – 540million years – chart by Glen Fergus. Note the timescale on these charts varies greatly.

Is the media over-reporting the Twiggy Forrest campaign to better use water resources in northern Australia ?

The ABC reports – Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest calls for harvesting of rivers, underground aquifers to droughtproof agricultural areas. They report – “Mr Forrest wants to droughtproof Australia.” It reads to me like a push to exploit water resources in the north of Australia and I am sure more could be done along those lines. The coalition was talking about using northern water resources in early 2013 – that seems to have sunk lately.
Good luck to Mr Forrest pushing his ideas but we are light years from achieving sensible water reforms. The Murray Darling Basin plan still proposes to waste huge amounts of water to flush the Murray mouth, pandering to South Australia.
Just look at the waste of Melbourne water supply Thomson Dam water by environmental flows – 35% through the dryer years 2002-2009. Any proposal in the north will meet trenchant opposition from several well known quarters. I doubt any serious projects could get up with our MSM so GreenLeft.

The ABC hosts the BoM prattling on about a warmer than average Autumn for Canberra but ignores inconvenient fact that the BoM summer Outlook failed for the ACT region

Canberra set for warmer than average autumn due to rise in ocean temperatures: Bureau of Meteorology. The BoM said “…this year’s autumn weather conditions would be relative to 2014, which saw record-breaking temperatures.” What are they talking about ? Autumn 2014 was near average for the ACT.
Summer Outlooks for Australia only had minor areas cooler than average or in the uncoloured average zones.

Real world summer days saw anomalies in the -1° to +1°C zone or cooler for the majority of Australia.

Giant US climate group NOAA jumps the shark claiming El Nino has arrived

NOAA: Elusive El Niño arrives – While the 30 day SOI is near neutral?
In view that NOAA and many other IPCC compliant spokes-folks have been calling an El Nino for a year now – it would appear that instead of quietly walking away whistling from their stone dead failed prediction and getting on with more useful work for USA taxpayers – NOAA has decided to use their prestige to say El Nino is here anyway. Crazy – but this is one of the effects of the IPCC on climate science.