More expensive and paranormal spin from Canberra water utility ACTEW

Starting sometime in 2009 the Canberra water utility ACTEW ran a TV advertisement showing a large crowd of people carrying 10 litre buckets of water and tipping the water into Googong Dam – which was less than 50% full in 2009. I thought at the time, “..what a waste of our money pushing this propaganda [...]

Canberra water utility praises ineffective “Seasonal Streamflow Forecasts”

I noticed this article reporting on a BoM – CSIRO initiative to forecast river flows a few months in advance. I just hope they use better models than they employ for the hopeless BoM rainfall and temperature Outlooks.

What caught my eye was the gushing praise from ACTEW our Canberra water utility – whose business [...]

Washington Times says; “Scams die hard, but eventually they die…You can get all the hotel rooms you want this week in Cancun.”

I liked this at the end of this excellent article which reports how many warmist Washington politicians have stayed away from Cancun.

“When the thrill is gone, the thrill is gone, as star-crossed lovers have learned through the ages, and when a scam collapses, it stays collapsed. The thought is enough to warm hearts all [...]

Joke of the day

Over at ABC Online we have an article bemoaning the drop in public support for “climate change” as an important issue for Australians.

At the end of the piece there are eight bold headings – the fifth is “Sceptics given a platform”. They claim that “Most media outlets, including the ABC..” were even handed giving [...]

Australian media lies about rainfall

Just lately after our 8 days of the Great 2010 East Coast Monsoon – I am getting a bit weary of TV news interviews of people from flooded towns making variants of this standard “knee jerk” claim; “..ten years of worst ever drought and now we get flooded out..”.

A woman from Dubbo has [...]

#5 BoM Spring Outlooks – rain and temperature – more hopelessly wrong models

Here we go again – another month and the BoM Outlooks seem to be getting worse – if that is possible.

Starting with rain – how do they get SW WA so EXACTLY WRONG ??

They have a win with the predicted wet in SE Qld-NE NSW – I will not quibble over the tiny [...]

Japan rolls hand grenade into Cancun Climate Cabal

Not the most auspicious start for this much ballyhooed but hopefully doomed talkfest. As would be expected green interests are trying to put the best spin on the disaster. Australia’s Crikey has this – a variant on the “she’ll be right” theme.

Fascinating to watch what our standard GreenLabor MSM can make out of examining [...]