Did anybody notice Dr Richard Muller as a climate sceptic?

I see the NY Times Op-Ed “The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic” by RICHARD A. MULLER July 28, 2012

Dr Muller starts out –

“CALL me a converted skeptic. Three years ago I identified problems in previous climate studies that, in my mind, threw doubt on the very existence of global warming.”

Maybe I missed something – have any readers noticed Dr Richard Muller speaking out as a climate sceptic?

Essential work at ClimateAudit.org not appreciated by some

On May 22 I posted “Australian hockey stick – whatever happened to the Great Barrier Reef coral time series ?”. On June 8 following some earlier analysis at CA Steve McIntyre posted – Gergis et al “Put on Hold”.

This got me thinking again about why there were no GBR coral proxies in Gergis et al – so on June 13 I put in a FOI request to University of Melbourne (UniMelb) and on 18 June an FOI request was sent to the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) for emails to and from Gergis et al authors and the AIMS coral expert Dr J M Lough – going back to 1 Jan 2010.

Late last week AIMS sent me these two pdf’s with emails & replies between Dr J Gergis (pdf ~1MB 60 pages)
and Dr R Neukom (pdf ~0.5MB 22 pages) – and Dr Lough. Nothing as yet from UniMelb.

This was the stand-out quote for me – here I was thinking for years that Steve McIntyre deserved a Nobel Prize for his years of hard work improving climate science – I needed a cup of tea after reading the quote below.

As with these FOI productions – there is a fair bit of duplication.

I have listed the main points that stood out for me but I am hoping other people will find others worthy of adding in comments.

First the Gergis emails oldest first –

  • p 45 – Fascinating ref 3 Sep 2010 out of left field to this ppt by the staffer at Qld Govt water Dept DERM. Maybe some keen soul can see if the PowerPoint presentation can be found by FOI.
  • p 41 – ref 27 Oct 2010 to funding by Fed Govt Dept.
  • p 36 – ref to Hunter region 19C weather data.
  • p 31 – another ref 3 May 2011 to possible Fed Govt funding.
  • p 3 – ref at end of 13 June 2012 mail to UniMelb Public Relations Dept.

Second the Neukom emails –

  • p 19 – mid July 2010 – numbered comments by Dr J M Lough –

In points 1 & 5 there are refs to certain coral proxies not revealing a “temperature signal” or “climate signal”. I wonder if this means the signal is “not what we expect”.
In point 5 – does anybody have more info on the Frank et al “noodle” paper?

Over to readers.

In addition to the greenhouse effect, there is an anti-greenhouse effect.

This has been sent in by Dr Douglas Hoyt to promote discussion – what do readers think?

The greenhouse effect works by having an additional CO2 molecule absorb radiation and re-emit it back to the surface resulting in a net warming of the system.
The anti-greenhouse effect works by having an additional CO2 molecule being struck by an oxygen or nitrogen molecule which –
1) excites the CO2 molecule which then, in turn, emits radiation, some of it to
space, resulting in a net cooling of the system.
2) The oxygen or nitrogen molecule has lost energy in the process, so is now slower, which is how the cooling is manifested.

Increased greenhouse gases have an absorber/heating function and an emitter/cooling function. It is not clear if the two functions are perfectly balanced but they should probably both be about the same.
The presence of both processes happening could provide an explanation for absence of the tropical hot spot. It could also explain the fact that the effective temperature of the earth has remained at about 255 K to within the accuracy of the measurements ever since it has been observed by satellites.

I haven’t seen any mention of the anti-greenhouse effect in any discussions. If one performs the greenhouse calculations with an instantaneous doubling of CO2, you will overlook the anti-greenhouse effect. This plot at – THE HOCKEY SCHTICK – is supportive of the above remarks.

Glaciers, Icebergs Melt As World Gets Warmer – Sydney Morning Herald 1951

There is much to enjoy this 1951 article, it reads so modern. So proto IPCC. Thanks to Chris Gilham for the tip.

Summers are getting warmer and, despite the unusual temperatures this year along Australia’s east coast, winters generally are not as cold as they used to be. Added 6 July – Two more articles from archives –
Global cooling in 1976 – deja vu all over again and Some 1855 to 1980 New York Times reports of changing climate
Continue reading Glaciers, Icebergs Melt As World Gets Warmer – Sydney Morning Herald 1951

Outbreak of common sense in New Zealand as “Slow economy puts ETS plans on hold”

Fancy the Kiwis announcing this exactly as Australia takes a huge step in the opposite direction. Our Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be sending her Kiwi counterpart a thank you John message – I am sure.
[The Government has indefinitely postponed key stages of the emissions trading scheme, saying the economic environment means consumers and businesses simply can’t afford it.
The announcement comes as Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s political future hangs in the balance due to the introduction of a carbon tax there this week.
But Prime Minister John Key said his Government’s decision had not been influenced by the political fallout in Australia. Rather, it was acting on concerns the economy would suffer if New Zealand did more than other countries to reduce carbon emissions.
“We’re not prepared to sacrifice jobs in a weak international environment when other countries are moving very slowly,” he said.]

Scary story about Lake Eyre region warming

Both Anthony Watts and Andrew Bolt have drawn attention to the speculative model based study by Dr John Tibby from the University of Adelaide’s Discipline of Geography, Environment and Population – which claims that in the Lake Eyre region – ”Temperatures could increase up to four degrees Celsius in Arabunna country in the next century, threatening the survival of many plants and animals,”.
Both the above blogs posted a graphic of satellite based lower troposphere temperatures showing little change since 1979. I was curious to see what land based thermometers showed over a century – so I increased the grid size to a 10 degree rectangle to include Alice Springs.

As you can see there is not much warming over even a hundred years for the warmists to crow over. I fail to understand why we fund so many warmist groups to produce such unlikely doomster speculations – when there must be many worthier research subjects that Australia needs progressing.
While I was at the KNMI Climate Explorer site I expanded the grid box to include most Australian land – including all our urban heat island affected cities except Darwin.

Not a lot of warming to crow over there since 1880.