Interesting nuances in IPCC groups treatment of New Zealand temperature data

We have all seen the news that The New Zealand Climate Science Education Trust, a newly registered arm of the Coalition, has filed a claim in the High Court seeking a declaration to invalidate the NZ Temperature Record, currently promoted by NIWA, and featured on its website.

It is fascinating the the Jones et […]

Record snow in Victorian Alps – ACT Govt brings in 40% emissions target

Interesting juxtaposition of news today – record snowfalls at Falls Creek and the ACT GreenLabor Govt inflicting more mad taxes on us. While of course their incomes and super are indexed and paid for by – you guessed it – us poor sucker voters.

Contradiction in Victorian bushfires reporting

The Royal Commission into the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires has released its report. My main interest in this over 18 months has been to understand the timeline of what happened around Melbourne on the 7th of Feb 2009. A particularly telling fact for me was the statement by the noted fire expert Dr Tolhurst to […]