2013 fails to beat 1932 for hottest January days in Australian history

See comment 5 for update 2 Feb. Classic bait and switch publicity today by the BoM to cover up a monster FAIL. – Giant heatwave delivers hottest January on record – Readers must understand that after months of talking 95% about maximum DAYTIME temperatures to beat-up their heatwave propaganda, the BoM is today talking “…the […]

There has to be a blockbuster movie in this NSW ICAC ex Labor Govt coal licences scandal

Just saw this gem from New Zealand. – Rich-lister sues Aussie coal barons – Remember the watchable Channel TV drama series Underbelly ? You get the idea. I also have a vision of one of those cartoon snowballs that starts rolling down the hill, gathering diameter & momentum as it progresses causing increasing damage – […]

Speculation that parts of New Zealand could hit 40°C in next few days

The NZ Herald quotes long time climate expert Dr Jim Salinger in their article today – Heatwave: Scientist tips a scorcher – Another bio for Dr Jim Salinger. Further down the article NZ MetService and WeatherWatch people say that 40 degrees looks unlikely. I hope some Kiwis can send in temperatures from – “…east of […]

Mid-Summer – yet Antarctic aircraft crash site can not be revisited

I notice this sad story from the New Zealand Herald – Bodies of ice-crash trio will be flown to Canada – re the Canadian Twin Otter aircraft lost in the Antarctic that has been found on Mount Elizabeth with no survivors. Early this morning there were plans to recover the bodies but within a few […]

Amazing error ridden graphic in The Australian – our national newspaper

I have already posted on this article – Records topple, city stumbles as gauge hits 46C – in The Australian Saturday 19 Jan 2013 – I focussed then on Sydney and the near less urban stations. However The Australian gives a clear impression in their opening text that heat records were broken across NSW on […]

Why would anybody be surprised ?

Washington Post records that – Sting operations reveal Mafia involvement in renewable energy

BoM quotes Leonora temperature record at a junkyard – JunkScience indeed – anything to beat up heat

Lets be real – after two cool summers – summer 2010-11 and summer 2011-12 – you can not blame the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for hyperventilating about the heatwaves sweeping Australia this summer. They have published SPECIAL CLIMATE STATEMENT 43 – INTERIM Extreme January heat update 14 January, 2013. If you go to Table 1 […]

Record hot day in Sydney 18 Jan 2013 pretty much confined to urban heat island

The Sydney all time hot day record of 45.8 tops the 45.3 on 14 Jan 1939 but is in the centre of our largest urban heat island, so the number has to be seen in that perspective. We are fortunate to have a map of NSW from the Sydney Morning Herald preserved online with max […]

Radar shows Glenmaggie fire started YESTERDAY 17th near midday – what firefighting was done on the 17th ?

This morning the news is all abuzz with the bushfire threat to townships just SE of Glenmaggie in Gippsland, Victoria.

Cowwarr, Dawson, Glenmaggie, Heyfield, Seaton, Toongabbie all have warnings issued. Weather radar shows the fire ignited west of Mount Useful about 1pm yesterday 17 Jan and moved SSE steadily to where it is now breaking […]

A Warming Australia: Fact or Fiction?

Contributed by William Kininmonth The media has recently been reporting apparently unprecedented heat in Central Australia in the context of human-caused climate change. But is the current heat wave, with extended periods of days above 40°C at Alice Springs really unprecedented? To answer this question it is necessary to examine the data. There are two […]