Please do something against the Gillard Govt Carbon Tax

If you live in NSW – you are lucky – you have a vote in the NSW State Election on the 26th of this month – you can decide if you take the trouble to put the Greens last – just below the proponents of the carbon tax.

Stop Gillard's carbon tax

For the rest of us – how about signing the petition at Menzies House – you could donate something to help carry the fight against the carbon tax. Can readers please send in details of other groups fighting this insane tax.

Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study – their team can not write words “urban heat island”

I am curious if anybody is holding out hope that this “Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study” has a hope in hell of producing anything worthwhile.

I am posting this to give readers a space to comment on what the Berkeley team are telling us about what they are doing.

I suggest interested people read what is available online, it will not take you long.

I note they seem to be a post-Climategate formation and I also see on the team at least one prominent pre-Climategate “standard IPCC warmist” now very active re-inventing as a “person of reason” in the middle of the current debate.