Elementary BoM temperature data errors go international

You have to pinch yourself – during 1990 the Goulburn Airport AWS 70330 daily minimums record way to many “zero’s” particularly in November & December. Such an elementary string of errors that should have been edited out. But we see the great USA climate group NOAA through their GHCN data imported Goulburn Airport AWS errors which can all be seen in the station data downloadable from the KNMI Climate Explorer – select first column GHCN-D V2 “minimum temperature” – enter Goulburn – click “Get stations” button – select Goulburn Airport AWS click “get data” link- then above top graphic click “raw data” link. A month ago we blogged on the issue of other errors at Goulburn Airport AWS. Persistent truth telling climate sceptics cause the BoM to shaft itself again. Here is a screen shot of the KNMI Goulburn Airport AWS minimums page header.

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NSW electricity load shedding near blackout 10th Feb 2017

Just wanted to get these charts of generation and demand out re the near blackout event last Feb. Full month large chart. Remember Liddell is slated to close early 2022.

3 days large chart. Intro from AEMO report – Keystone cops would have been right at home. In a nutshell – coal gen was off its highs achieved on 5th, 11th and at end of month. Gas was below specs. due mainly low gas supply – ironic for a State with gas exploration bans. Imports were spikey and Hydro were the big heroes in preventing blackouts. Wind ebbed away through the afternoon as of course did tiny solar.
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178 years of Adelaide rainfall

A reader mentioned to me that Sir George Kingston had kept rainfall data at Grote Street Adelaide from 1839-1878 and that data was in the South Australian library. The BoM has added the first 22 years of the Kingston data to West Terrace making West Terrace start in 1839 – I have added Kent Town post ~1978. This chart as per BoM – The Grote Street data is v slightly different 1839-1860 – then a bit more different 1861-1878 – I can add that later. I am sure there will be points to comment on – but I found it interesting that 1974 is not noteworthy despite Lake Eyre filling. Large graph.

Perth dam catchments have magical water repellent properties

Last February there was widespread heavy rain over SW Western Australia causing much flooding across many districts – Engineers Australia. Yet I can not see evidence that water was measured flowing into Perth dams. The rain for Perth catchments was mostly on the 10th Feb. I have kept screen shots of the “Rainfall at Perth Dams” page which has a running total of inflows but the total never varies in the days after the rain event.