Wasting taxpayers money on solar power

I have started this post in the hope readers can dig up more information about the history, projected cost vs final cost – claimed performance at announcement vs actual performance (if you can ever find out) – for various solar electricity generating projects. Overseas examples are welcome too.

I was prompted by Canberra GreenLabor Govt […]

Emperor penguin in New Zealand – confused by “climate change”

Seen on a beach near Wellington – the Kapiti coast. Residents of south east Australia would not be surprised to see an Emperor Penguin lately.

Has there ever been an Australian Prime Minister to rival Julia Gillard ?

The ABC has this online poll asking for three words to describe your views on how Ms Gillard’s minority Government has performed.

I am trying to think of any previous PM who may have got a worse result – any ideas ? I realise some of these entries are from GreenLeft ABC readers to […]

New Zealand has not suffered a sequence of big shakes like this in recorded history..

This jaw dropping quote from an unspecified GNS seismologist, is in an article in the New Zealand Herald by John Roughan. “Tell Christchurch whole story”

As a now ancient geologist I am somewhat gobsmacked that in over a hundred years of logging earthquakes up and down the Alpine Fault – there apparently has not been […]

Was the BoM asleep as volcanic ash shuts down flights ?

At 8am Sunday 12 June we have ABC 24hr TV news reporting that New Zealand has cancelled some Trans-Tasman flights due to volcanic ash from the eruption in Chile. Not a word about ash affecting our skies – then at the end of the news a mention that Tasmanian flights are now affected – is […]

Bluescope Steel Chairman speaks out against the Carbon Tax

Garnaut’s Attack on Business and Industry Oversteps the Mark

07 June 11 Media Release – Ross Garnaut’s credibility as an independent expert adviser on Climate Change is seriously in question following his latest report and attack on business and industry, writes Graham Kraehe, Bluescope Steel Limited Chairman.

See also Bluescope Steel – 03/05/2011 ASX […]

Climate Change minister says methane worth $1.60 carbon tax per ton of coal

The Australian Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, The Hon Greg Combet AM, MP, appeared on TV last night – interviewed on the ABC flagship current affairs program the 7.30 Report.

About two thirds of the way through the presenter Leigh Sales asks him

“Australia is heavily dependent on coal production. The Australian Coal […]

Non-climatic anomalies in BoM temperature anomaly maps

While compiling the Autumn Temperature Outlooks piece – I noticed what looked like an aberration in the contouring of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) Autumn minimum temperature anomaly maps here – features that were repeated in the monthly minimum anomaly maps for March – April – May 2011.

I am talking about the area […]

BoM Autumn Outlooks mostly wrong again – nights predicted way too warm.

Once again 3 months of real weather has shown the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) Outlook predictions produced every month looking ahead three months – are mostly wrong.

In the first panel I compare the Maximum Temperature Outlook on the left with real world weather result to the right. The SE and Tasmania was predicted […]