Great Australian open borders experiment – come on down

Now that the Australian Parliament has failed to enact practical border protection laws – the Nation is in fact operating a huge experiment which will answer the question as to how many Asian people want to migrate here to better themselves. This little graphic sums up how well the John Howard so called “Pacific Solution” […]

Australian Bureau of Meteorology plays God by altering Adelaide historic temperature data – Frostgate 2

Lance Pidgeon raises a fascinating issue in his comment on my Frostgate 1 thread where he points out a report in The (Adelaide) Advertiser for 4 July 1933 that the 3rd July 1933 was the “COLDEST MORNING THIS YEAR”. It is interesting here to check what the various BoM versions record for this frost event. […]

Surprise surprise – urban heat islands found in Texas cities

Joe D’Aleo at Anthony Watts climate sceptics “supersite” report on trend differences 1948-2011 in Texas cities compared to Texas as a whole. Of course the cities are warming compared to the State. And yes of course Texas cities non-climatic warming trends are incorporated into “GLOBAL WARMING”. There is a link to this NOAA page – […]

Frostgate 1 – Australian Bureau of Meteorology altering temperature data – rewriting Melbourne climate history by eliminating many frosts

Jointly with Ed Thurstan. Since the mid 1990’s the BoM has produced several adjusted versions of Australian temperature history – these add more warming trend than the raw data show and many climate sceptics have been rightly critical of these BoM “high quality” (HQ) versions – what could be termed “stroked and tweaked” data. In […]

CRU (Climate Research Unit) southern hemisphere temperature stations have remained uncorrected for 25 years – fixed in March 2012 CRUTem4

By Ed Thurstan & WSH. I know this will surprise people but it seems to be the case – see the email from Dr Phil Jones to Ed Thurstan in Ed’s paper – The Darwin Fiddle. 1MB pdf I always knew that Jones stated in his 1991 update that “Northern Hemisphere data have been corrected […]

Some news on coalition plans to wind back the Carbon Tax when they get into Government

A report in The Australian headlined – Libs to take axe to climate agencies. Everybody employed by these shonky agencies is warned now – get a real job if you can before GreenLabor are voted out. Greg Hunt says – “Mr Hunt said many of the programs were contradictory, citing the plans to pay for […]

ASX keeps on weakening compared to the DOW

Back in February I posted “Australian national wealth eaten away by unpopularity of our GreenLabor Government” – and doing an update today I see the difference between the DOW and ASX has continued to widen. ASX investors must have a horselaugh to hear our Government ministers and the Prime Minister bragging to the world about […]

Australian Government gets told about carbon tax “compensation”

Hon T. Burke MP, ROSELANDS, NSW 2196 (copy of letter emailed to me)

Mr Burke,

During last week, as a part age pensioner, I received a ‘Household Assistance Payment’ (also known as ‘carbon tax compensation’) of two hundred and fifty dollars.

I am totally opposed to imposition of the carbon tax, believing that the climate […]

Chart demonstrating slow startup for new light bulbs

Thanks to Ed Thurstan for the results of his neat experiment comparing the light up time of the new-fangled fluoro bulbs compared to the perfectly OK old incandescent bulbs that we now can not buy.

As Ed says:

My 75W incandescent bedside lamp bulb finally failed. So I installed a Philips 18W “Ambiance” fluoro, which […]

QANTAS boss says shareholders are backing his strategy

QANTAS chief executive Alan Joyce says shareholders are backing his strategy for turning the airline’s fortunes around, despite a tumbling share price due in part to hedge fund activity.