Democrats loss in Massachusetts is more significant than ClimateGate for climate skeptics

The counter IPCC blogosphere has been dining out lately on eight short weeks of snowballing good news post the mid November leaking of the sensational CRU emails from the University of East Anglia. Since then we have had Copenhagen crash and burn, three inquiries announced, CRU, Penn State and now a UK Parliamentary Inquiry – […]

52 years of arctic temperatures 80-90 north

This webpage from the Danish Centre for Ocean and Ice has interesting graphics showing the temperature of the arctic above 80 north since 1958 using the climate reanalysis ERA40. I have made an animation with 2 second frames. I can add 2010 later.

NASA GISS data does not back BoM hottest decade claim

The NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) has just updated their global temperature land station data to the end of 2009 – so we can make decadal anomaly maps to check on the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) claim that the decade 2000 through 2009 was the hottest ever in Australia. Eyeballing the area […]

How can it serve the Australian national interest by having the BoM mislead us ?

On the night of the 11th-12 of Jan 2010 Melbourne sweated through an uncomfortably hot night. Just a couple of media refs will give you the gist but Google could find more no doubt. There is talk of Melbourne’s “..equal hottest night ever.” But I see no sign of balancing statements which should have refered […]

Evidence for a strong urbanization signal; 0.3 degrees C per decade in Canberra Airport temperature data 1997-2009

Canberra/Queanbeyan is a sprawling collection of suburbs population 300,000 plus – which extends over 30km north south and nearly 20km east west. Canberra was selected as the Australian Federal Capital early last century and urbanisation would have started after the “old” Parliament House started operating in the late 1920’s. The post WWII boom in Australia […]

Australian mean annual temperature reconstruction 1882-2009

After getting questions from people about the BoM claim that 2000-2009 was Australia’s hottest decade I have started updating my 1992 25 station series for Australian – time consuming with 50 other things to do.

Here is the result of an experiment to fit my 1993 25 station series to the Spencer and Christy lower […]

Canberra Airport – rejected by Jones et al 1986 – pardoned in the 1990’s – now corrected (again) by UKMO

While experimenting with BoM raw Canberra Airport data I was surprised to find the UKMO have corrected the data here and there. It is noteworthy that Jones et al 1986 rejected Canberra (WMO 949260) with an 80 code which translates as “Non-homogenous and uncorrectable” – after comparing it with Sydney.

Canberra was “pardoned” and included […]

Surface minus satellites – some differences look political

Lately I have had people pulling my chain telling me that the lower troposphere satellite temperature trends are very close to those at the surface. I just want to point out that this is far from so everywhere.

Wayback in 2006 I drew attention to, “Satellites vs surface, amazing agreement over the USA.” I know […]

BoM hottest decade claim #2 – complete failure in Darwin too

Blind Freddie can see that Darwin Airport is comprehensively warmer in the decade 1990-1999 compared to 2000-2009. Just for a moment think on this gutless claim from the BoM that they restrict their claim to data post 1910. What a stunning example of utter contempt for voters and taxpayers. Do they think we are stupid […]

BoM hottest decade claim shot down in Alice Springs

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) and their political echos have been all over the media today with the claim that the years 2000 to 2009 have been the hottest decade in Australia.

Lacking the resources to quickly check the entirety of the BoM claim, I checked Alice Springs data – being at the core […]