3 thoughts on “SW WA cyclic rain history 1889-2017”

  1. I thought the Qld Ag Depts contour maps were a clever additional tool to understanding our climate as a series of ever repeating if slightly different cycles. Obviously they would have looked to the Qld region to cherry pick their periods to display against changes in the SOI and PDO. Despite their Qld-centricity it is impressive how the opposite corner of the continent still makes “cyclic sense” in their 18 panels. On a scale of 10 I think the Qld approach seeing climate as cyclic scores say a 9.5 compared to the WA Govt approach which sees SW WA climate through their climate change losers lens as “our drying climate” which IMHO should hardly score a 1.5. WA taxpayers should tell the WA Govt they expect better.

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