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  1. We need to something about our stupid electoral system. I understand that in most other countries off the world, the party that gains the most votes gets to form a coalition, not a group of the minority parties.
    So now we have an air head communist for a PM.

    She is so communist that she had to hire two consultants to explain to her what capitalism was. (The consultants she chose were two communists, Sue Bradford and Metiria Turei so I suppose she knows what capitalism is now).
    So she is going to drive NZ into the ground with her ignorance.

    What a system we have!

  2. That is what you get with lying politicians. NZ was not given the choice of the Australian single member perferential system in the lower house which leads to a majority for a party that the voters least dislike. The senate, in Australia, however is a mess and needs to go back to a preferential system (Queensland has only one chamber -with no upper house). Some say optional voting is better than compulsory voting as Australia but then one gets bullying, vote buying, stand-over etc. Optional voting together with first past the post allowed Adolf Hitler to be elected on about 30% of the vote with a turn out of less than 60%. This is the worst system. The next worst is the German system with multi member and party nomination which NZ adopted. It is supposed to give some representation to all the parties that can get over to low limit but leads to organised communists have a big say. Look at the mess in Germany.

  3. Well Warwick, I have always thought highly of New Zealand, one the few regions I have not had a chance to visit, as a great country to live in. In fact as a marine geologist having seen the Earth from the Barents sea in the north to the Wedell Sea far down south, actually New Zealand, has often been in my dreams. Now at 79, I guess my travelling days are over, but if they weren’t, I guess I would write it off anyhow.

    I used to be in contact with Floor Anthoni of Seafriends.org.nz, but my last message from him in 2016, exposed the outrageous political manipulations that he was forced to endure, made me very sad because he lost everything he had been building under decades and even lost his wife in the processes.

    So from what you write and the views of Floor the New Zealand political climate seems to be grossly astray.

    Hoping for the best, I will reserve some of my limited energy to keep ajour with what is going on in NZ.



  4. Journalist Matthew Hooton has an article listing the PM’s recent problems and gaffes. It is a change from the usual GreenLeft media protection racket constantly painting PM Ardern in the most glowing favourable light.
    • Labour’s management of the sexual assault allegations at its youth camp.
    • Dithering after Theresa May called for solidarity following the Salisbury attack.
    • Ardern broke prime ministerial precedentto greet 50 Greenpeace activists on Parliament’s forecourt, telling them the end of oil and gas exploration is nigh.
    • Shane Jones’ popular attack on Air New Zealand was good politics for NZ First but Ardern’s weak admonishment of her minister is a joke in NZ First circles, encouraging future flamboyance from her coalition partner.
    • Phil Twyford’s weekend announcement of a “medium density” development in Mt Albert lacked the credibility even of Nick Smith’s pronouncements during his ill-fated term as housing tsar.
    • Little-known NZ First MP Jenny Marcroft attracted attention after allegations she claimed to be speaking on behalf of ministers when threatening National MP Mark Mitchell over provincial growth fund projects in his electorate — but Ardern has made only perfunctory inquiries over the allegations.
    • Ardern’s failure to sack Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran for being — on the most charitable interpretation — less than forthcoming with the truth over her dealings with an RNZ middle manager…
    • Ardern’s decision to become personally involved in the nurses’ pay dispute by advancing yet another “independent panel”…
    There are other slightly older issues such as –
    • Ardern’s claiming NZ kids are in poverty due to capitalism.
    • Her silly needling of Australia over country shoppers on Manus Is or wherever.
    • Her ministers ongoing threats to close charter schools.
    • Now Helengrad is re-emerging like a nagging mother figure.
    You might expect an opposition could be making hay from the above but National seems from my perspective to be mostly asleep or quietly cruising. I have noticed their deal with the Greens over Beehive questions but it is unclear what that will deliver. I expect the Nationals are way infected with the Green policy virus much like the Liberals in Australia.

  5. Good grief! From your first link on the IPCC meeting:

    “There will be a Colourful, Curated Poetry Wall poetry reading at 12.30pm, 128 Armagh Street.”

    Such cultural fluff proves that climate science is no longer science. It’s just the Armegeddon everyone feels free to believe in.

  6. New South Wales Professor tells NZ to stop worrying about cattle emissions. Hilarious.
    Professor Annette Cowie, from the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, said: “If you look at the carbon footprint of New Zealand produce compared to dairy coming from housed cattle in Europe that are fed entirely on concentrates, you see that the carbon footprint of the product from New Zealand, even if it is transported across the planet, is still lower.

    “So I think there’s at least a valid argument in saying that New Zealand should be allowed to grow clean, green, low-carbon lamb and milk for some of the rest of the world to share.”

    Climate change is a global problem – and one we can all help tackle 31Mar18

  7. Beachgirl,
    Climate change is Global and has always been global.
    It is NOT a problem – it is nature.

  8. Follow on article – what an amazing beatup. Raising the issue of NZ food supply – producers whining when weather was not perfect for them. Greens always ready to enact more controls. Hoary old chestnuts about cities expanding onto precious market garden land – spare me.
    Food for thought: How to secure New Zealand’s food supply in the face of a changing climate 1Apr18
    It is a laugh they lead off with the Dargavaille kumaras story. There is so much interest in Dargaville weather that MetService do not have a weather station reporting from there.

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