Ignored record cold morning in NSW 27 March 2018

If it had been a hot March day with similar records this proof of “global warming” would be trumpeted far and wide. Large map

Braidwood 69132 read -0.6 breaking -0.4 from 1995.
Goulburn AP 70330 read -0.8 breaking -0.1 from 1992.
Orange AP 63303 read -0.5 breaking -0.01 from 1997.
also breaking 1.0 at the Ag Inst. 63254 from 1979
Grenfell 73014 read 2.8 smashing 3.5 from 1971.
Tuggeranong 70339 read 0.5 lowest since station opened 1996.
West Wyalong Airport AWS read 4.9 breaking 5 in 2001,
also breaking Wyalong Post Office (closed 2015) 5 from 1983 data from 1965.
All against urban influences.
The 24th March 1967 was a prominent cold day in the records.

3 thoughts on “Ignored record cold morning in NSW 27 March 2018”

  1. That blue patch south of Cobar and east of Ivanhoe has the new BoM station Euabalong (Mount Hope AWS) which recorded 4.1 degrees on the 27th which neighbours show was a very cool minimum. Checking nearest sites,
    Lake Cargelligo Airport has data from 1965 and the coldest March Min was 6.7 degrees in 1999.
    Hillston Airport read 5.6 degrees on the 27th with data from 1957 the all time March record was 4.5 degrees in 1984.
    Ivanhoe Aerodrome AWS read 9.2 degrees on the 27th with data from 2000 the all time March record was 6 degrees in 2001.
    Condobolin Ag Research Stn read 4.8 degrees on the 27th with data from 1965 the all time March record was 3.5 degrees in 1975.
    Cobar MO read 11.7 degrees on the 27th with data from 1962 the all time March record was 6.2 degrees in 1984. Cobar Airport AWS read 8.4 degrees on the 27th with data from 1993 the all time March record was 5.7 degrees in 2005.
    So the 4.1 degrees at the new Euabalong site was a notably low reading for that region of NSW.

  2. Do not think Queensland will have any record lows during March. However, the maximums should be well below average. At my place in SEQld I have recorded rain on every day of the month although the total rainfall is below average. The sea temperature has dropped over the month from about 25C to about 21C (still OK for swimming). The daily air temperature maximum has been about 24C but I do not record that. Will be interested in what the satellite temperature is for Australia with rain over most of the country most of the time.

  3. You are correct cement – the March max anomaly was not hot anywhere in Qld.
    I checked each day around the States and found no hot day record. Dartmouth Reservoir in Vic had a record cold day on the 26th – 13.8 beat 14 deg with data from 1975. Also on the 26th Georgetown Airport read a max of 24 which was the coolest day since 2004 – prev coolest 25.8. but no long term record at the P.O.

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