Constant propaganda pushing expensive water

GreenLeft boilerplate pushing “toilet to tap” options for your water supply. For decades voters have taken for granted that public owned utilities will keep supplying water, power and gas to households basically at cost. We all can see what has happened to electricity prices and we should be aware that there is a group of public funded people out there working away every day to jack up the cost of your water and make it more scarce.

Tell your MP’s and Senators that you expect water supply dams and pipelines infrastructure to keep pace with population. And whenever you vote – put Greens last – simple – keep Greens and their harmful policies as far removed from your water supply and govts. as possible.

2 thoughts on “Constant propaganda pushing expensive water”

  1. Another good reason to put Greens last: Greens are anti-Australian.

    Greens believe in world government. A vote for the Greens is a vote against Australian sovereignty..=

  2. Broome’s growing amount of treated sewage water is used on the towns ovals, parks, the golf course, school ovals, and more recently as water for irrigating bush orchards where commercial trees are planted through woodland for future indigenous business outcomes.
    A great use of treated water.

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