Australian Government gets told about carbon tax “compensation”

Hon T. Burke MP, ROSELANDS, NSW 2196 (copy of letter emailed to me)

Mr Burke,

During last week, as a part age pensioner, I received a ‘Household Assistance Payment’ (also known as ‘carbon tax compensation’) of two hundred and fifty dollars.

I am totally opposed to imposition of the carbon tax, believing that the climate alarmism by which the tax is justified is based entirely on bogus science and fraudulent computer modelling.

For this reason, I have decided to disburse the payment as follows:

(a) One hundred dollars donation to The Institute of Public Affairs which is actively engaged in exposing the deceit underpinning the anthropogenic climate change hypothesis.

(b) One hundred and fifty dollars donation to the Australian Liberal Party, whose leader, Mr. Abbott, has promised to repeal the carbon tax should the Coalition win the next Federal election.

Should I receive similar ‘compensation’ payments in the future, I will likewise donate such monies to parties opposed to climate lies and the carbon tax.

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  1. Wow! or not ….

    cementafriend the Labor party don’t have any economic sense, what they’re trying to do is stay in power

    power is more addictive than love for your country to some people

  2. To be honest, the LNP was not much better when it came to doling out goodies with great fanfare out of taxpayers’ money. Baby bonus, private health rebates, low income earners offsets, salary sacrifice schemes, one-off chances to stuff squillions in super etc. etc. Howard’s mob were also shameless in using public money to advertise their policies – work choices and the GST spring to mind.

    In theory a carbon tax would be the cheapest way of reducing emissions. But the “bread and circuses” approach vitiates the effect. Low income earners are more than compensated for electricity price rises, so they have no reason to change consumption. Higher income earners don’t need to bother because electricity bills are hardly dissuasive anyway.

    Even worse however is the stupidity of keeping many of the old dud schemes for reducing emissions – feed-in tariffs, wind power subsidies, renewables mandates etc. etc. The whole point of the “carbon” tax is to make the market find the cheapest emission reductions – in fact, all reductions that cost less than paying the tax. But if you continue to distort the market all over the place, the tax will have virtually no effect, and whatever paltry reductions occur will continue to be prohibitively expensive.

    When are we going to grow up? When are we going to get a government that makes policy logically and explains it honestly, instead of pandering to lobby groups and bribing the mugs with gifts they can’t choose, but have to pay through the nose for?

    My guess is never…

  3. not sure where to put this
    Extremists hijack climate debate

    THE most frustrating aspect of public discourse in Australia is the dominance of the extremists, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the climate change debate.

    Driven by factors that have little to do with attempting to deal with the actual questions, the most polarised proponents of each side of the debate have shouted down the moderates.

    In such a landscape, each side considers the other in absolute terms – people are either hippie enviro-nazis who want us to go back to living in mud huts, or zealous money-crazed capitalists hell-bent on destroying the world.

    Unsurprisingly, this approach is not bringing the two sides any closer.

    The real problem with the extremists is that they are arguing from fear of consequences, not observable data – so if one person is opposed to a carbon tax, he or she generally argues that global warming isn’t real rather than attacking the tax on its merits (or lack thereof).

    read on at the link (the writer is a lawyer with a keen interest in science)and seems to be using in the article the word ‘extremist’ as depicting only those dubious of ‘climate change’

  4. Pity there is not scope to comment Val – I got a laugh out of the Courier Mail calling that “Premium Content”.
    IPCC science has not been able to get under way again after being torpedoed by the Climategate revelations in late 2009.
    So I suppose labeling climate realists as “extremists” and “deniers” is a tactic they know will ring bells with some proponents of IPCC science.

  5. Alan Jones and Professor Carter and a copy of an e mail I received today:
    I listened with white hot anger to Alan Jones’ interview with Bob Carter this morning about the CSIRO funded CarbonKids website. Professor Carter said our children are being brainwashed at school to believe carbon dioxide was carbon via the CSIRO funded website called CarbonKids.

    When I Googled ‘Carbon Kids’, a plethora of sites came up where carbon dioxide is now called carbon. This is perpetuating the hoax that C02 is black sooty carbon and a pollutant, instead of a gas that’s essential for life on earth.

    Professor Carter spoke about an ABC website – a greenhouse gas calculator – where children could enter their details and the site would calculate the age they should die at so they don’t use too much of the Earth’s resources. This site has been taken down but imagine the damage it did to children?

    Both the CSIRO and the ABC are funded by taxpayers and one of the first things Tony Abbott must do when he is elected is to withdraw funding if they don’t stop perpetuating this propaganda. Please take the time to write to him about this.

    Parents must be made aware of where their taxes are going and how their children are being taught rubbish instead of science. I grew up loving science and was an A-Grade student because my teachers made the subject fascinating. Our children should be delighted by science instead of being made fearful. A science teacher at one of our rallies told me she was totally disgusted at the rubbish she’s being made teach in schools but as it’s part of the curriculum and she has to teach it.

    As the High Court has just made the decision that chaplains in schools contravenes the Constitution as schools are run by States instead of the Federal Government, it’s essential that Barry O’Farrell and Campbell Newman start applying the blowtorch to our educators and make them teach proper science and not the Gaia-worshipping junk science that’s currently infecting educational facilities at all levels.

    Please write to Barry O’Farrell and Campbell Newman and ask them to start winding back this hoax, this big lie, and start teaching our children the truth about carbon dioxide.

    Emails: Barry O’Farrell and Campbell Newman

    We have to make a concerted effort to stop this blackmail of our children.

    The link to the podcast is here:

  6. Some weeks ago after an IPA article on the mining tax, I replied to them that I had spent a career fighting off mining tax increases. It would be hypocritical to keep any Government-extracted money that might be sent my way and I’d send it back to BHP, where I have some friends with whom I used to work.

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