ASX keeps on weakening compared to the DOW

Back in February I posted “Australian national wealth eaten away by unpopularity of our GreenLabor Government” – and doing an update today I see the difference between the DOW and ASX has continued to widen.

ASX investors must have a horselaugh to hear our Government ministers and the Prime Minister bragging to the world about how great our economy is.
Hear is the DOW minus ASX difference charted.

Many ASX investors are simply voting with their wallets.

6 thoughts on “ASX keeps on weakening compared to the DOW”

  1. The Canadian S&P/TSX index vs Dow is here^GSPTSE&l=on&z=l&q=l&c=TSX&ql=1&c=^DJI Stephen Harper (conservative government) has turned Canada around. I think the bounce in the US is because it is more and more likely Obama and his dimocrits will be well and truly beaten in November. Watch the run up of the ASX as the next years election approaches (or if Slipper and Thompson both fall)

  2. Sorry, looks like the blog does not like long worded links. You will have to copy it and paste it in the website bar. Daily data is here^GSPTSE . You can then get to charts at the left bar.

    Yes you are right cementafriend. But think how well the place could be run. I must apologize to the PM next time she drops by. I reckon a change of Govt here would put 500 on the ASX in quick time.
    I have found an ASX100 index on Yahoo – this is compared to the TSX below

    Suggests that the ASX sagged below the TSX after the formation of the Gillard Govt. – that difference has not been clawed back.

  3. I’m mystified. The midcoast of NSW is in heavy recession. Country towns feel these things first. Local tradies who have been flat out for years are now leaving for the Territory etc to find work. Two more very old local businesses are closing down this week.

    How do they fudge all this? How are they hiding this economic slump?

    And why the slump? Whence this induced paralysis in the midst of abundant natural wealth and vast human resources?

    I guess I could ask my local member what’s going on…but his name is Oakeshott.

  4. It isn’t just the country towns, the slowdown is well and truly biting in cities like Adelaide, Melbourne (except possibly Canberra).

    Shops closing or holding desperate sales, construction companies collapsing, jobs being lost, empty shops and offices for rent etc.

    But the mining boom in WA and QLD is boosting statistics, and your average greenie always think that it is a matter of “if we want something enough, it will happen”. Wishful “thinking” beats the facts. Thus the magical properties ascribed to the carbon tax, reduced emissions, minimal price rises and lots of new “green” jobs, plus the rest of the world galvanised into doing the same.

    The real world problems of a higher exchange rate, dumping of goods from overseas countries in recession, higher costs, charges taxes etc. will be denied until after the next election. (And, just possibly, a few people feel that this government isn’t competent, and can’t do anything about those problems; indeed is adding to them, may not be helping morale).

  5. The probable reason for the divergence is the multiple qualitative easings in the USA. A substantial portion of that money flows into the stock market. Also I hear the amount of money in the carry trade buying AUD has reduced recently. So its primarily a monetary phenomena.

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