Grid Cell Surveys, List Page

Surveys of complete 5 degree grid cells started after several cities pages had been done.  Probably a better way of  exposing the bad science behind "global warming".

A current project is to complete the row of grid cells across the southern USA below 35 degrees north. Links down this page take the reader directly to the grid cell studies and the two maps here show progress to date.
South East  USA Map
South West  USA Map

High Warming Regions in the old USSR, survey of nine grid cells.  This study carried out because most of the highest warming grid cells on earth are in what was the USSR.   Compares data from different datasets, shows discrepancies always seem to be cropping up in the Jones data used by IPCC, knocks the warming right out of the park.

Yellowknife region, NW Canada   Looks at records from two grid cells.

North Siberia Warming or Cooling ? A big deal is made of warming in this region over the last 30 years but temperatures are still no warmer than in the 1940's !!!  Look how the IPCC and Jones team  find warming in grid cells with NO DATA, no kidding.

Los Angeles  5 degree Grid Cell    How many climate scientists believe  LA and San Diego are suitable stations to use to contribute to measuring global temperature  variations ?  Will anyone stand up and defend Jones use of these data ?.

Phoenix AZ  5 degree grid cell  Ditto for Phoenix.

Austin TX grid cell, "fuzzy math"  Will anyone write in and defend Jones addition of Dallas, Austin and Waco in the 1994 update.

Florida Grid Cell, more UHI bias

Carolinas Coast grid cell, no rural stations used, ....... again, Charleston provides UHI bias on scale with "global warming"

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